Helper II
Helper II

Re: wordpress

Hi @Hydrocare11


 It sounds to me like you are in a theme that has restriction? 


 It would be nice if you could place a link of your site to show your issue?


 I host my WordPress on Micro Scale -  using Cpanel,  and Deluxe Hosting from Godaddy,

 this allows me to alter any,  any problem, issue myself, how-ever if it breaks 

like so many have, I am on my own.  This has been the ultimate learning curve for me.


The important learning curve was Godaddy provides hosting and is not responsible for WordPress,

 other than what themes they may have proprietary in which I am not known to use.


 It sounds like you have grown out of the comfort zone of having it they way a theme wants you to,

VS your way exactly.   This is why I recommend Deluxe Hosting, or Cpanel hosting butCpanel is open source,  and Godaddy is not resposible for anything that goes on in it,  so with Deluxe you may get a small hand out from them,  maybe, just be nice.  Smiley Happy


  @Hydrocare11    hang in there and don't give up!    From my experience your defiantly with the best host in the World!   

      Also don't forget to back up your restore points,   if your like me and do many edits.

 Restore points really work,   and in some cases themes by WordPress have completely collapsed 

when editing them in the settings.  Unless you can flush your data base too,  sometimes you might have to re-install a new WordPress.  


 Hope all gets better @Hydrocare11  P.S send that link so we can see how much white space your dealing with?