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Create a Subdomain in Managed WordPress hosting

Hi. I have gone through a bunch of help files and even YouTube videos, but none seem to address what I am trying to do in plain English. I am using GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting. My main domain is and I need to create a subdomain of This will be a separate WordPress install and essentially a separate site,  run just for members. I don't want it to forward anywhere. 

How can I get this subdomain created and then install WordPress on it using the type of account I have?



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You need to make sure you have the new hosting first.  When setting up the new hosting, if it ask you your domain, put the new domain that you want.  Get the IP of the new host.  Once that is completed, go to My Products > Domains > Manage > DNS Zone : Add a  new record: Type- A Name, TTL - 1/2 hour, host- new IP.



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What do you mean "set up the new hosting"? I already have hosting for my main domain. I need a subdomain for THAT domain.

Clearly none of these moderators are understanding the problem! We all want a SUBDOMAIN on our managed wordpress hosting site. In other words we already have a wesite such as and we want to have a site like I don't know how much clearer I, or anyone else, could possibly be. I broke it down barney style so hopefully someone will help us before I lose my mind. 

After hours of looking for an answer to the same problem. The answer is Yes, you need to basically buy a hosting package for each sub-domain if you have the managed wordpress package. So ifyou have and you add, you will need to buy another hosting package or "upgrade" for that subdomain.  They don't want to answer this questions because it is bull**bleep** that we have to do that!

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