Hello, I have a domain name in one godaddy account and hosting in another godaddy account. Recently I changed hosting to my domain to the hosting in another godaddy account using dns zone file a record and ip address. But still in my domains section it is showing that is just sitting there and put into work. Please help me how long will it take to change that status and how to solve the problem




Were you able to work out a solution to this on your own? Noticed the domain is resolving to a live site from here without any issue. 


Let us know what you did to correct it. I'm sure other members would appreciate the suggestion if they encountered a similar issue. 


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I work from a home office in California, but am currently vacationing in Thailand. A few days ago, one of my clients notified me that he could not get into his web site. I found that without notifying me, GoDaddy has changed my domain's IP address, knocking 6 of my web sites offline. More than likely they moved me to a different server as once I got into the files, I found many of my old sites, which I had deleted long ago, have been restored. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. The last time, 15 of my web sites were knocked offline, 5 of them for a full week. What type of service is this from a web hosting company?

sounds bad, godaddy had notification to your company the Issue before you. that is because you got shared hosting or something like this. For example  support chat team right now is down over central america and the don´t care abouit it.