Building a site locally and syncing or uploading to hosting


I've got 2 website being hosted on Wordpress managed hosting.  I'm looking to rebuild both sites.

Are there any local tools that can be used to build the wordpress site on my hard drive, then sync changes or push the whole site to my hosting platform?  ie, Local by Flywheel, Serverpress, etc?  I know I can use FTP, but then won't it mess up the database or backend files? 




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Hi @kristi9


Here is an article that has a ton of information.


There are a several good localhosts -- WAMP/LAMP.  I've used a program

that works pretty good.  I do the upload/transfer via UPDRAFTPLUS and have had really good luck with the transfer.  The key in the updraftplus transfer is to treat it as a migration  so that url's and db info is correctly modified in the process.


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Thanks so much James, I have a read.  I've never had much luck with migrations so I think that's what I was fearing.