A Simple Dashboard Mod to Better Manage Spam Comments

Spam comments, especially long ones offering links to prescription drug sales sites, have been murder lately. Here is an idea for a simple tool that would be quite useful in managing them:

In the WordPress dashboard under settings>discussion, the following tool is offered above the Comment Moderation box...

“Hold a comment in the queue if it contains __ or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)”

Wouldn’t it be supremely useful if the same sort of tool was offered above the Comment Blacklist box?...

Trash a comment in the queue if it contains __ or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)”

I would set mine at “5,” and that would trash pretty much all the spam comments. Then I could check the trash for any legitimate comments (very few of my real commenters post more than 5 links). All it would require to add this tool is copying the code of the Comment Moderation tool and pasting it above the Comment Blacklist with only one slight modification: changing the destination of the affected comments from the moderation queue to the trash.

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There are several plugins that do exactly what you would like to do. Some are free and some are paid. 


It's important to remember that GoDaddy does not program or develop WordPress. They just offer a platform on which to host it. 

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I figured there would be plugins for that, but I (and many others) prefer not to risk site security with third-party plugins. It would be much better if WordPress made the change to the core program or offered a secure WordPress-authored plugin. Does one exist?

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You can check the link here to review the plugins available through WordPress. You can also participate in their forums to ask other WordPress users which they prefer or feel is a safe, good option. 



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Hi there are few best plugins i would recommend for blocking the spam on site.

Akismet Anti-Spam (best and popular plugin)

Use antispam and google captcha to block automated comments on site. 


For showing google captcha before submitting comments you can use "Captcha Recaptcha" plugin. 


I hope this Helps.




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