What is the schedule of Windows Patching on Godaddy Servers ?

It seems, every often website went into down status for 3-5 min, may I know what is the schedule timing of Patching windows in Godaddy, so we can inform to our customers when to expect downtime ?


Out Classified Website -->>  Free Classifieds in India  is down for almost 4 hours now because of Patching activity.


You should inform to the customer when such event is going to happen.


Our Website Server UpTime is 97-98 percentage, is this Up percentage is acceptable in any hosting world ?


What is the solution of having 99.99 Percentage uptime ?

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Hello @SellBuyStuffs1 and thank you for reaching out to the community.


Normally Microsoft released patches during Microsoft Patch Tuesday (normally the second Tuesday of every month). When does GoDaddy makes the patches available to the Windows server environment, I don't know, but you can reach out to GoDaddy support to see if they can give you that question. 

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