Provide a certificate signing request (CSR) Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Hi everybody!

I've got problem when try to request certificate.Paste CSR and Domain Name (based on CSR) shows me domain.But when i will try to press button "Request Certificate"
shows me error"A Wildcard is required with this product"
You can see error on the link below

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @CheyTac, if you're still seeing that error, it may indicate that your CSR is including at least one subdomain, which prompts the message that you'd require a Wildcard SSL to process the request.  First suggestion would be to review the CSR that you've created for any references to a subdomain, and then have another one created.  I'd recommend reaching out to our live support teams so we can review the request in more detail to get this resolved for you.  Thanks!