Port-out from Smartline to carrier failing


After multiple attempts with two different carriers and 10+ calls to support, I'm posting here hoping someone can help.

I've been trying to port my number from SmartLine to another carrier, and despite following all direction provided by GoDaddy, the port request from the new carrier repeatedly gets rejected for unmatched subscriber information. I've confirmed my information on file with GoDaddy, but no combination of information will get it to go through. I've tried to port to both Google Fi and AT&T. Here are the steps I've taken:

-Notified new carrier that port must be processed as a manual (wireline) port
-provided GoDaddy Customer Number as account number, name & address exactly as printed on GoDaddy invoice, and GoDaddy account PIN

I've confirmed with support that the information I'm giving matches what's in GoDaddy's system, I've paid several bills, I'm not under contract, and my account is current.

I've even tried the following steps in desperation:

-using SmartLine number as account number instead of customer number
-appealing directly to bandwidth.com (the source of the numbers GoDaddy resells for SmartLine)

Customer support is (sorry to say) absolutely useless, and won't do anything except provide the same info over and over, with no option to escalate to anyone else. If anyone has successfully ported a number FROM SmartLine TO another carrier, I would really appreciate details on what was done for the port to go through.

Additionally, if anyone from GoDaddy that can do anything other than read me the following requirements from your support document, I would very much appreciate you reaching out to me:

"Must be in good standing and have paid at least one bill, must be initiated by the other carrier, must be processed as a manual port"


Product Team

Hello @Instantaneously


Thank you for reaching out to us.  We're sorry to hear about your port out experience, you shouldn't have to jump through so many hoops.  It's definitely a rare situation as we port out numbers successfully on a daily basis from all carriers.


You are correct though, SmartLine Port Outs do require a "manual port out" unlike a cell carrier to cell carrier port out which is handled automatically and not all agents at the new carriers know about this.  All SmartLine Port Out requests will get an automatic rejection email stating the customer info is inaccurate. However ask your new carrier to look at the bottom of the email which will state something like "this port requires special handling, please obtain a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the reseller and email us at ...."  Have your new carrier follow those instructions to complete the port out request. 


If your new carrier is still having issues getting the number from us, please private message me the contact info of the Porting Manager of the new carrier and we'll sort it out with them.




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I’ve tried to import my number and I’m having the same issue.

Me again, I’m trying to import 504-500-0987

Hi, i just came across your concern on here, after reading both your message and the response from Helen the rep, i called my other provider and the porting of my Smartline took less than 15 mins to fully complete.


But the first step is to request your Smartline number  be unlocked for port out to email

numberunlock@godaddy.com, make sure you send the request from your original setup email, you will receive an automated acknowledgment immediately and the next day you'll receive another successful unlock confirmation provided your number match the email.


The final step; contact new provider use your smartline number as your account number and provide your pin.


Good luck...

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