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Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a custom ringtone for the smart line number, that's different from the phone ring tone.?


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Thanks for the question! You can set a custom ringtone and even a custom image to go with your SmartLine number. To do this:


Go to your phone's native contact settings, go to the contact named "SmartLine Call" (for iOS) or "Business Call" (for Android).

  • Ringtone: Click edit, and set your ringtone preference.
  • Image: Click edit (under the image) and select take/edit/choose/delete photo to change your image preference.


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I've done this, but when someone calls my SmartLine number, it rings the same as my personal line even though it's set to ring otherwise.

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Please private message me a screenshot of your SmartLine contact with the custom ring tone and we'll investigate further.




in your Iphone contacts be sure you have your Smartline dialing number as well as your personal Smartline number in your contacts. Then the custom ringtone should work.

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