Thanks for your response. I have contacted my bank and they have shared the statement with me containing information about to whom the payment was made. According to statement it was made to godaddy_com_CCA. 


I have also faced the same issue multiple times and usually refund is initiated within 24 hours. Thing that concerns me the most is that every time I talk to a godaddy representative, I receive a different set if instructions and different information. Following are examples of different information that I reveived:

1) Payment is pending from CCavenue

2) We can not see the status of your payment from our end

3) We need transaction information for both transactions

4) We need transaction information for failed transaction

5) We need bank statement for failed transaction

6) We have sent a mail to ccAvenue. Will call you back when they respond. (I am still waiting for a call back from them)



Now I have even dropped a mail to CCavenue and they also have not responded yet and godaddy is not event willing to talk to their own merchant.