HTML5 Video element hassle

the following code uses HTML5's <video> element. Its the only "code" on the page.

There are two videos: mine (hosted on my godaddy domain) and a public vid hosted elsewhere.

Mine displays but will not start. If I omit the autostart attrib I can see the play "shadow". click it and nothing happens. likewise clicking the play control.

The public vid loads and plays with no trouble at all.

It seems to be vids sitting on my domain only. If I upload a vid that plays fine on some other domain into my domain the video will not play from my space.

I've tried this in IE11 and FF 46.0.1. Both behave the same way.

Could it be something about my "account"? domain? It doesn't seem to be technical. If one vid works why not one sitting locally? all the vids I've tried are H.264. With mine I've tried various pre-sets via Adobe Media Encoder cs5.5

thanks for taking a look and hope you can help.


<BODY> <video width="640" height="360" controls poster="images/Start.jpg" <src="vids/Mine.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> HTML5 not supported </video>
<video src="" controls> Your browser does not support the <code>video</code> element. </video> </BODY>



solved this myself. below my solution.  If that doesn't work for you call support: ask them to reset/ensure permissions allowed.  (When that didn't work for me -- I looked closer at my source. Hah!



I compared the (working) "public" video html to mine.


I found I was elementizing  "< src=..."  src is an attrib of <video>, not a sub-element (is that even a thing?).

My fault for trusting the example I started working with -- it had src as a (sub) element (and wasn't even closing the <video  element:


look at option 4 for HTML5.  hah, hah hahhahahaha!

so the correct html5 is:


<video width="720" height="405" controls poster="images/Start.jpg"

src="vids/mine.mp4" type="video/mp4" >

Your browser doesn't support HTML5


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