How to get Hosting cPanel if you use still use IE 11

I am using Windows 7 OS and IE 11 because I love it and it is fast, comfortable and pretty secure.

Recently GoDaddy did change something in Account pages and when I am truing to get cPanel (My Products - Web Hosting - Manage) that page start loading with some pop-up asking about "Customer Experience Improvement Program" and then shows "An unexpected error has occurred." message.

I tried to chat with costumer service. They told me that GoDaddy no longer support IE11. I have to use Mozilla or Chrome.  I do not trust third party browsers. (Chrome is scanning Hard Drive and Mozilla is the most unsecured web browser).

I do not want to buy new computer to satisfy GoDaddy's preferences only. I want use my computer and the browser which I used to use and I love.

Looks like GoDaddy is not customer friendly provider anymore. They reject customers interests and preferences. They care only about themselves. I have three accounts with GoDaddy and now I am paralyzed. I cannot get MySQL admin panel to manage data.

My question is: How to get my Hosting cPanel to manage my SQL with IE11 ? Is there any other way to reach cPanel?  Or, I have to move my websites to another web hosting provider who is more customers friendly?

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Unfortunately, as technology changes and matures, old technology is no longer supported. Adapting and adopting is the only real answer in this case. 

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Let me disagree with you.

The main purpose of any business and hosting provider is to provide  service or products to customers, who pays money for that. If you do not satisfies those demands then you cannot compete on the market. Customers will go to other service provider who is capable to give them what they need.

If we will follow your logic then we have to discriminate old people because they cannot to be up to date with technology or people who do not have unlimited found to buy new expensive "updated" toys.

I am also using Blue Host and a2hosting and they do not have such limitations.

Looks like GoDaddy hired unprofessional web designers who are not capable to create webpages which runs on the browsers of their customers.


I am afraid that there is only one solution for me - stop using GoDaddy and move my websites to more professional hosting providers such as Blue Host and a2hosting.

Hi @bizswmark01. Thanks for posting. It seems odd that we wouldn't support IE 11, but I do see that it has trouble loading some of our pages. I'm going to look into that with our development team to see if I can find more information. 


As a workaround, if you know your cPanel username and password, you should be able to access it directly. In most cases, going to [yourdomain]/cpanel should redirect you to the right place. From there, you would log in with the primary username and password for the cPanel account. I tested and was able to access phpMyAdmin in IE 11 using that method. Hope it helps. 


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Hey @bizswmark01 and @MrVapor. Wanted to give you a quick update to let you know our dev team found and fixed the issue with IE 11. You should be able to access the GoDaddy site normally using that browser now. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience. 


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Hello JesseW,


The main access still does not work for me, but now I can access c-panel by using [yourdomain]/cpanel method.


Thank you for your advise.

I appreciate your help.


Sorry you're still having trouble @bizswmark01. I was able to access our site using IE 11 just now. If you're still seeing the browser error, the only thing I can think of is that maybe the "update your browser" page is cached for you somehow or maybe you're not on the most recent release of IE 11. I'm glad you at least have a way to get to your cPanel dashboard though. 


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