Reseller Store IP is blocked AGAIN, and can't get support

Late last month I after doing some research into reseller stores. I decided to go with Go Daddy Pro, that decision has so far proven to be one of the worst of my life. Since late October of this year 2019, my site has been up a total of 4 HOURS. The IP keeps getting changed, and you can't find the new one to point your site to the right DNS. Try getting support, I was on chat today trying to get the IP fixed, they kept telling me that my store was up, but that's the e commerce store not the reseller store, I repeated that 10 times, she kept insisting it was up, I said if so, there's nothing for sale because that's not my reseller store. She then told me, I should call....WTF.  Apparently, she was unable to fix the problem, and unable to help in anyway, and this isn't the first time. 


Since October 28th I've called or been on the phone 15 times, and not once have I received help, not once. Just to be clear, the first time the IP was blocked it took me 3 hours to get it fixed, now it does it after being posted for less than 4 hours.  I'm disappointed that Go Daddy would just abandon the people selling their products, and helping Go Daddy grow their business. So, I've got over $200.00 bucks wrapped up in a business that I can't seem to keep published. 


Save your money, find a better more responsive vendor. 

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Hello @cameron816 and thank you for reaching out to the godaddy community. 


I am a GoDaddy reseller user using the free GoDaddy storefront ( and I haven't had any issues with my GoDaddy storefront. 


I just checked the GoDaddy Reseller community page ( and don't see any mention with anyone's GoDaddy storefront every having an IP block as well. 


I'm curious, did you call the GoDaddy reseller support team line or just the generic GoDaddy support line?


I'm just trying to understand your issue. I also recommend reaching out to the GoDaddy reseller community as well, since the reseller community is very active over there. 

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At first I didn't realize that there was a separate line, since there is no information to that effect. On top of that, I would go through the chat line for an hour before that person would finally tell me I had to call. For three days my site has been down due to some apparent DNS configuration that just popped up out of nowhere. I have full access, initially I paid for a year of reseller Pro Deluxe, and the first time this happened (this is the second time) I was charged another $49.00 to be able to white list, among other things. However, I'm getting this IP is not valid, yet its copied and pasted, typed in, the same result, I get the same error message when I try and update the already correct DNS IP. Yesterday I called, and I was told I had to create a landing page, when I corrected him, he put me on hold, and came back, and said, I had to create a forwarding domain led me to the page to do that, then he said, put in your web address. I said, but I'd be forwarding to myself, and that doesn't sound right, he said, that's our work around. I said a work around isn't what's needed, I need my **bleep** site fixed, permanently. It got worse, after I did what he asked, he told me, if your site isn't up by Monday call us. 


I said so I'm supposed to wait for 48 hours then call if its not up, what kind of business is Go Daddy running, this isn't what I've spent over $200.00 for. Since the 28th of October, my site has been up a total of 3 days, 3 **bleep** days, and the level of support, nonexistent. I called a second time yesterday, when as soon as I got off the phone, I went to log into my WP through my products, and now I can't even log into that, and the whole website is now gone, I can't restore it because, my IPs are still apparently aren't properly configured. A senior support person got on the phone, and couldn't figure out why the IP isn't working, and was unable to resolve the issue. He told me that he would need to put in a ticket, I said well how long does that take, he told me 24 hours. When I try to log onto my WP-Admin this is what now get. Destination unknown. Everything's working on our side, so the link you clicked is either wrong or has been retired. I haven't retired ANYTHING, in fact so far I've paid for I haven't received anything, zero, nada. And frankly I'm very angry, at Go Daddy, and their lack of support for people trying to sell their products. You tell me that I' the only one this has happened to, that all the other resellers stores are just fine, I just don't buy it, I've been down for days now, DAYS. ANy customers I may have had are long gone now, so I want to thank Go Daddy for that, a great start to a business I'm trying to build. I trusted Go Daddy, and they violated that trust. And here I am unable to log into my WP and at least work on the web page, I'm currently just waiting for Go Daddy to get off their respective butts and get my site up and running, and get my access fully restored, period. Go Daddy has tried my patience, and it's not infinite. 



One other thing, I can't go to the reseller community because of Go Daddy made changes to my page using a work around instead of fixing the **bleep** IP issue, so now I can't even log in.