Car Website

Steer your enthusiasm for cars into a car website.

Pick your purpose and a domain name.

You’ve always loved the rev of the engine and the feel of the wind in your hair. Now it’s time to turn your hobby into a full-fledged enterprise and create a car website.

Figuring out the direction and purpose of your car website can be challenging: should you focus auto reviews or try to create an online business? Or will this site take more of a blog approach, featuring articles about cars, how-to videos, and photos?

In addition to the overall purpose of your website, you need to decide on a domain name. When picking a domain name for your car website, avoid things like misspellings or hyphens between words. A good domain will be easy for your visitors to remember while still capturing the essence of your business.


Choose the right website builder.

Now that you know the purpose of your website and have a domain name, it’s time to start building the website. You’ll want to choose website builder that accommodates the main purpose of your website. For example, if you want a blog, make sure that the website builder allows you to easily add a blog to your website. If you want to feature a gallery of cars that you admire, make sure that the platform allows you to easily create and edit photo galleries. Most website builders should outline the features they provide, so you can easily check to see if they meet your specific needs or not.

Build your online store.

Sell car accessories and other gear directly from your car website with an online store. Include photos of available products as well as detailed descriptions. Use your how-to videos and guides to link to the car parts you sell, so readers are encouraged to give DIY car repairs a go.

Are you selling cars online? List available cars for sale or trade, and include contact info, pictures, prices and more. Consumers want an instant, online shopping experience, so put yourself in their position: what would you want to see if you were buying a car? A video of the car in action? An interior tour? Safety awards? The more information you provide, the better decision users can make.

Got a brick-and-mortar shop? Get the word out with a Google business listing and try to list your business with other local directory listings. Include your physical location, hours of operation and available services and grow your business. Link to positive client reviews through Yelp to further increase the impact of your car website.

Write your own how-to’s.

Are you an auto-selling guru? Maybe you have a knack for diagnosing a faulty transmission just by listening? Share your knowledge with how-to guides and tutorials. Create an editorial calendar to stay organized and track the pieces you release.

Feeling stuck? Host a brainstorming session with colleagues or friends to come up a range of topics and content initiatives. Diversifying your content will allow more people to connect with what you put on your site. Offer a range of content mediums, like:

  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Video clips

Increase the visibility of your car website by linking to other car-centric sites. Look for open forums and message boards that allow for user submissions and start establishing yourself as an expert in the online auto world.


Encourage customer conversation.

Let readers get in touch with you directly with a contact form or by enabling commenting on your blog (if you have one). Depending on the focus of your car website, your contact form can be used to bring in new business or make new connections in the auto industry. Pay attention to the type of comments and leads you are collecting to help determine what type of content resonates most with your readers.

Maybe you see a theme of DIY questions about car maintenance, or a request for a simpler online shopping experience on your site. This information means you should consider creating an FAQ section or reworking your online store to be more straightforward.

Drive readership with emails.

Reach more auto enthusiasts with email campaigns and newsletters. Create custom emails designed to match the look and feel of your car website and bring in more readers. Offer actionable tips for readers to try with their cars. For example, winterizing tips for the cold months, or advice on how best to retain a vehicle’s resale value. Smart email marketing can intrigue and engage readers so they keep wanting to come back to your website for more information.

Keep your car website in the fast lane.

The below resource pages can help you further maximize the reach and impact of your car website. We encourage you to check them out: