Fitness Website

Beef up your online presence with a custom fitness website.

Fitness Website
Beef up your online presence with a custom fitness website.

Warm up with a website builder.

Everyone has a different passion when it comes to fitness. Express yours with a unique fitness website.

Before you start creating your website, take a few minutes to think about what you’re hoping to accomplish. It could be a number of things, like:

  • Posting workout routines
  • Sharing the secrets of healthy eating or dieting
  • Selling workout clothes and gear
  • Promoting a fitness app
  • Offering personal training services

Taking some time to figure out the goal of your fitness website ensures that you create a more focused, organized site. It will also help you decide which website builder will be the best one for creating your site. Whichever website builder you choose, you want to make sure that it allows you to easily add the features you want on your site, such as an event calendar, shopping cart, podcast, etc.

Get your domain name.

With your website’s purpose in mind, it’s time to pick a domain name—if you haven’t already. You’ll want to ensure that the name of your site is simple, easy-to-remember, and reflects the purpose of your site. If you need some inspiration, take a look at existing fitness websites. Seeing what’s already been done can help get the creative juices flowing.

When considering domain names, don’t forget about all the new domain extensions that are now available. Good options for a fitness-focused website include .health, .fit, or .fitness, just to name a few. While you can always go with a traditional .com domain, it’s good to know that you have other options.

After you’ve figured out your focus, the website builder you want, and your domain name, you’re ready to start building.


Create unique content.

Content can take a good website and make it great. Content that’s crafted from your unique perspective can help you establish a fan base of people who click with your style of approaching fitness and health. Below are some ideas for building out content on your website - just add your own point of view to change things up.

Stay fit with a fitness blog.

You need a place on your website to post fitness articles, guides, photos and videos. Creating a fitness blog on your site is the perfect place to feature all these tips. Be sure to make your blog noticeable on your site by including it on your homepage and as part of your navigation. Featuring a blog on your website provides visitors a place to browse through fitness topics and find answers to all their health-related questions.


Share your motivation.

Fellow health-nuts want to know what inspires your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle, or what motivates you to help others be healthier. Share it with them on your fitness website. Tell them what your goals and mission are; share what inspires you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Including this information will help encourage those who may just be starting their own fitness journey or those who need some additional inspiration.

Post articles, videos, and more.

One of the most challenging things about fitness is getting started. What better place to help out others than on your fitness website? Posting coaching tips either through articles or videos will help those who are struggling to start get a better understanding of what they need to do to be successful. Acting as an online, personal trainer for your visitors can help increase your site’s credibility and fan base.

Show what healthy eating looks like.

Building healthy eating habits can be difficult, but with your help, it doesn’t have to be. Creating a space on your site where you can post meal plans, diets, or healthy recipes can give ideas to visitors and maybe help them build their own healthy eating habits.

You should also consider posting step-by-step videos on how to cook healthy meals or how to properly blend a protein shake. Providing visitors with some extra guidance is something they’ll appreciate.

Discuss the best workout apps.

Whether your visitors are looking to shed a few, excess pounds or want to build a healthier lifestyle, there are many mobile application available to help. Discuss which workout applications are best for meeting fitness goals on your website.

Give visitors even more help by including links to each of these applications. Include a short paragraph about the benefits of each one to help visitors find an app that best fulfills their fitness goals.

Make recommendations.

There’s a lot to consider when buying workout clothes or equipment. Are Nike shoes better than Adidas for marathons? Should I get a treadmill or a StairMaster? Having the right tools is crucial to completing fitness goals. Make recommendations on the best machinery and attire every health-nut must have to achieve their goals.

Show off others’ successes.

Help build your site’s credibility by including reader success stories. Showing the achievements others have had using your workout app, dieting techniques, or workout routines will help people feel more confident using your fitness tips.

If readers send in pictures, you should consider posting their before and after pictures (with their permission, of course). When people see the incredible results your followers achieved using your techniques, they’ll be reassured that using your methods will get them the results they desire.

Keep readers informed through email.

Keep your visitors up-to-date on everything going on at your site by allowing them to subscribe to email updates. Whenever you post a new blog post or workout routine, your followers will be alerted about it. Allowing users to subscribe to your updates ensures that they can take advantage of a your latest workout method or recipe.

Take your fitness offline.

Whenever there’s a fitness event going on, let your visitors know about it. Consider including a calendar somewhere on your site that lists local events your visitors might be interested in attending.

Be sure to include as many details as possible about each of these events, so visitors can decide if the occasion is something they’d be interested in. Linking to websites with more information is also a good idea.

Connect through social media.

Visitors are bound to have questions about how they can personalize your workout routine or dieting plan. Including your contact information, like your primary phone number and email address, ensures your visitors can quickly get in touch with you. But you should also consider cultivating an active social media presence. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, among others, allows your visitors to get helpful fitness trips while they’re scrolling through their favorite social media platform and provides another avenue for people to contact you with questions.

Keep your fitness website in shape.

Once you’ve launched your fitness website, there’s still plenty more to do to keep growing your audience base. Check out the below resources to learn more ways to be successful online: