Start with the perfect domain name.

Your creations deserve to be seen. There’s no better way to showcase your designs than with a graphic design website designed and created by you. Like every good design, there are a few things you should take into account before you start. First, if you don’t have a domain name for your site, take some time to think of one. Do a few quick Google searches to see what’s already out there. Whatever you decide to name your site, it should stand out in your audience’s mind and be reflective of what you want to accomplish with your graphic design website.

With your domain name selected, take some time to figure out the purpose of your site:

  • Showcasing your portfolio
  • Promoting your graphic design business
  • Discussing design trends
  • Sharing helpful links and resources
  • Inspiring other designers

Be sure you know the primary goal of your graphic website before you start creating a mockup of your site, which comes next.


Choose a website builder.

Now that you’ve pinpointed the purpose for your graphic design website, you need to pick a website platform on which to build your site. Because you’ll frequently be adding to your collection, you’ll want to ensure you choose a website builder that allows you to update and upload your content with ease. There are plenty of platforms out there that allow you to create a unique layout that will best display your work.

Gather up some great content.

Engaging, up-to-date content helps make a great website and keeps visitors coming back for the most recent updates. Devoting time to creating good content - whether it’s through blog posts or helpful resource pages - can help your website establish a faithful audience and get your venture started off on the right foot. The world of design is always changing, which means you have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and techniques. Your site should reflect this reality with regular, new content.

Stuck on what kind of content to produce? Below are some ideas that can work well for any graphic design website.

Get social with your audience.

Give your audience a way to get in touch with you. Let people tell you how much they love your work and ask questions about your design process. Include an email or your social media information on your graphic design website to give readers a quick, easy way to get in touch with you. Creating social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can be an effective way to communicate with people who follow your website and enjoy your work.

Set up an email subscription.

Make sure your readers don’t miss anything new by including a free subscription to your graphic design site. Adding a newsletter or email subscription to your site allows your readers to get alerts whenever you publish something new to your site. This will keep your readers engaging with your site again and again.