Health Website

Bulk up your business with a ripped website.

Health Website
Bulk up your business with a ripped website.

Define your goals and pick a domain name.

Whether you’re into fitness, healthy eating, weight loss techniques, or are about to launch a killer workout app, you need a health website that reflects your passion. How do you get one? Build it yourself!

First things first - you need to figure out the goal of your site. What is it that you hope to accomplish? Some successful site examples are

  • Sharing healthy recipes and eating habits
  • Fitness tips and tricks
  • Weight loss techniques
  • Promoting your workout app
  • Selling fitness gear and equipment

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your health website, you need to come up with a stellar domain name that reflects your site’s purpose. If you haven’t thought of a name for your site yet, take a look at what’s already out there. Do a few Google searches to see what’s available and get some inspiration. Be sure to pick a domain name that shows what you’re all about and stands out from the crowd.

You’ve decided on your site’s purpose. You’ve secured your domain name. Now, it's time to start building.

Choose a website builder.

There are plenty of website builders out there, but you’ll want to make sure you choose one that allows you to customize and update your content with ease. To get an idea of what design elements work best for your website, do a couple Google searches for other health websites that have a similar focus as yours. By taking this approach, you can mix and match design elements to create a site that's uniquely yours. If you're not satisfied with how your site looks, consider hiring a freelance designer to get the look you want.

Create content that keeps them coming back.

Once you attract people to your site, you need to keep them coming back. You want to ensure that the content on your site is interesting, relevant and useful to your readers. Offering content and advice that your readers can use to help them on their health journey is sure to keep them coming back.

Consider including a subscription form or button on your site. Offering a subscription to your site notifies your readers via email of any new content on your site. Take it a step further and encourage your readers to regularly participate on your site by hosting giveaways, contests, or ask-a-professional webinars. There are plenty of ways you can get people to visit, share and interact with your great content. Below are some great ideas for keeping your health website up-to-date with fresh content.

Add a blog to share your latest health tips.

Maybe you’ve spent months developing the perfect workout routine or the healthiest meal plans. Now it’s time to share it with the world on your health website. You don’t need to share all your knowledge at once, but sharing your best tips and tricks is a great place to start.

Including a blog on your health website is a great place to feature your latest tips. Whether you’ve got the best collection of healthy recipes or a killer workout routine, post it on your blog. Be sure to include detailed instructions on how to perform your workout or where to go to get the freshest, healthiest ingredients.


Show off your skills and share your workouts.

You’re the professional; people want to learn from you. Engage site visitors by including videos and photos of you (and maybe some friends) completing a workout, making your newest recipe, or trying new fitness challenges. You could also include how-to guides or step-by-step articles that can help viewers meet their health goals. Feature these videos, guides, and articles either on your site’s blog or on your homepage. Videos can be especially effective in illustrating the correct form for different exercises - something that can get lost if you just write about what you’re doing. Your readers will love seeing you in action and understanding how they can accomplish their health goals and stay motivated.

Discuss your favorite gear and equipment.

Whether you’re a runner, weightlifter, athlete or dietitian/nutritionist, you know what gear and equipment people should use to maximize their results. Maybe you’ve got a pair of sneakers that you swear by or a favorite machine at the gym—whatever it is, tell your readers about it. If you’re in the healthy eating business, let your readers know what grocery stores or kitchen equipment they should be using to create healthy, tasty dishes. You can also include your best recipes or links to ones you enjoy.


Promote your applications.

If there's a health or fitness app that you love, or if you’ve made one yourself, tell your readers about it. Your readers will love seeing how they can track their results and improve their overall health. If you’ve created your own health app, consider including a link to your application that your readers can easily download. You should also post what users are saying about your app and how it has helped them on their health journey. This will help bulk up your site’s credibility.

Diets, meal plans, recipes and more.

Healthy eating and dieting are a way of life for many health-conscious people. Along with posting your fitness tips, you should also post tips and tricks for healthier eating. Creating a section on your website devoted entirely to eating healthy is a great way to appeal to people interested in developing better eating habits. This section could provide healthy recipes and meals, information about dietitians in your area, and which local grocery stores sell the best produce for the lowest price. When you post healthy recipes, be sure to include a nutrition breakdown of how many carbs, fats, and sugars are in each dish.

Helping people to realize that eating healthy isn’t as hard as they think can have a significant impact on your audience. As your audience follows your healthy eating suggestions, they may develop better eating habits, and they may even start to see results in their overall wellbeing. Encourage followers to comment about their progress and share updates about their overall health. Engaging with your readers will definitely keep visitors coming back for more.

Spot others on their journey.

It takes time to build exercise and eating habits. For beginners, they might need a little encouragement, so why not offer that encouragement on your health website? Acting as a personal trainer or diet coach for your audience can have a huge impact on your audience. Include some encouraging quotes or videos on your homepage (or on your blog) to help give your readers the inspiration and motivation they need to continue on their road to becoming healthier. Plus, posting links to local nutritionists and personal trainers not only helps your readers find the information they need, but it also helps build referral traffic and get more people to your health website.

Brag about your success.

You know your stuff works, but your readers don’t. To help build your site’s credibility, consider including some success stories. Videos, photos, blog posts or customer quotes are all great things to include on your site. Your readers will see how well your habits, routines, and recipes work. Considering creating an entire section dedicated to customer reviews, success stories, and before and after photos or videos.

Getting customer reviews is sometimes a lot easier said than done, so consider offering a discount or prize to anyone willing to leave a review or to rate your business online. Readers who have had success with your product or service will love a chance to share how they've been improving their health with their friends and family.

Keep a calendar and get people to your events.

Take your online presence offline. Let your readers know that your contest, giveaway or face-to-face event isn’t something they should miss. Including a calendar on your website allows your readers to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening in your business. You should also consider taking advantage of social media plugins and email campaigns to promote your event.

Stay in touch and set up social media.

Adding your contact information or including an email plugin to allow readers to send you a message is a great way to strengthen your health website. Your readers are bound to have questions about your habits or workout routines, so give them a fast and easy way to ask. Plus, you may get some feedback about how much your readers love your site and your business.

Also, make it easy for readers to find you and reach out to you via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are just a few social media platforms where you can make yourself available and can further share the great things going on at your website.

Keep your health website moving forward.

Want to keep increasing the reach and impact of your health website? Check out the below resource pages for more ideas on how to keep your website moving forward.