Hotel Website

Reserve your space online with a stellar hotel website.

What’s the purpose of your website?

Portray your hotel in its best light by creating a great website. Highlight your luxurious suites, fantastic amenities, or phenomenal dining experiences on a hotel website you build yourself.

Before building your site, ensure you’ve figured out the website’s goal(s). Whether you’re promoting the hotel online or want to create a hotel booking site, be sure to nail down it’s purpose before you start building.

You’ll also want to pick a domain name that accurately reflects your website. If you’re aiming to promote your hotel online, then the name of your place is an obvious choice for a domain name. If you’re trying to create a hotel reservation site, come up with something simple and memorable. In addition to considering .com domain names, keep in mind new domain extensions like .hotel and .hotels.


Offer easy online booking.

One of the biggest reasons visitors might come to your website is to book a room. Make it easy for them by clear, simple-to-follow steps. Be sure to make the reservation link prominent on your home page. This way visitors can schedule their vacation within minutes after landing on your hotel website. You can choose to build your website with a DIY website builder, but you might also want to consider hiring a professional web designer. A web designer can provide expertise and insight into how users typically interact with a website, so you can be confident that users will be able to navigate through your site with ease.

If you’re creating a hotel comparison website, help visitors find the perfect hotel by including as many details as possible. This could consist of the price, location and amenities of each hotel, as well as photos. Promoting deals or coupons is something that will also get visitors excited. Saving a couple of bucks on their vacation with one of your coupons is something visitors are likely to share with others, which will increase traffic to your site.

Include traveler ratings.

Online reviews can be a huge benefit to your hotel and website. Feedback from guests about how great their experience was can influence others to stay at your place. Include a section on your hotel website that lists all the great things your guests have to say about your services.

If you’re creating a hotel comparison site, including guest reviews can help visitors determine which hotel is right for them. Plus, your visitors will love getting a closer look at the kind of experience they’ll have at a hotel.

Give visitors a tour.

Let your visitors get a closer look at your comfortable rooms by including photos or a video tour of your accommodations. Be sure to feature all of the different suites you have to offer. Showing various rooms will help visitors find one that best fits their needs. Go a step further and include photos and videos of the rest of the lodgings as well. Showcasing images of the lobby, pool, dining area or gym can help visitors see how excellent your place is.

Show off your event spaces.

Some of your visitors might be looking for a functional conference room or a gorgeous wedding venue. What better way to promote your additional spaces than on your hotel website? Be sure to include photos and videos of these spaces, as well as images from past events.

Let your visitors know about the services you offer if they book one of your event spaces. Your event packages could include catering, audio or visual materials, and room set up. Visitors will appreciate the extra information as they’re deciding whether or not to host their special event at your hotel. In addition, allow people book a free tour of your facilities right on your website.


Advertise your amenities.

Show visitors that you’ll make their stay memorable. Advertising your amenities will help travelers see that you’re ready to accommodate their every need. Your hotel website should include information on how to book massages, spa services, room service, or airport transportation. Visitors will love seeing how willing your hotel is to serve them and how they get more than just a place to stay.

Give a taste of your cuisine.

Maybe your hotel restaurant serves the best homemade dinner rolls or employs only the most talented chefs. Whatever it is that makes your dining experience exceptional, be sure to tell readers about it. Include photos of your food and dining area so visitors can see what kind of dining experience they’ll get at your resort. Don’t forget to mention room service options, too.

Share your calendar of events.

You’ve got exciting things happening at your hotel—shows, concerts, conventions and more. Let your visitors know about all the exciting activities occurring at your resort on your hotel website. Including a calendar that displays all the events going on at your hotel is a great way to keep visitors engaged with your site.

Consider including some of the events happening near your hotel, too. Maybe a famous musician is performing at a venue not too far from your hotel, or there’s a street fair happening only a few blocks away. Include a link to these events on an event calendar. Doing so will help potential guests to see all the activities they can participate in while visiting the area.

Make it easy for your guests to get in touch.

Give your guests a fast, easy way to get in touch with you. Including your hotel’s primary phone number, email address and social media information allows your guests to get in touch with you should they have questions or compliments about your accommodations. If you have a chain of hotels in various locations, include the contact information for each of them. This way your visitors don’t have to spend time searching for each hotel’s information, which is something they’ll appreciate.

If you advertise that people can contact via social media, then make sure that you stay on top of monitoring your different accounts, so you can respond to people in a timely manner. You can either designate a staff member to take charge of communication via social media, or you can consider hiring a company that specializes in managing social media accounts for businesses.

Offer an email newsletter.

Make sure your visitors are always up-to-date on what’s happening at your hotel by allowing guests to subscribe to your hotel newsletter. Include a subscription button or form on the main page of your hotel website. Your visitors will appreciate the quick alerts when rooms are updated, or a great deal is going on, and good email marketing can help keep your website top of mind.

Keep your hotel website up-to-date.

The work isn’t finished once you’ve launched your new website. Check out the below resource pages for help in maximizing the reach of your hotel website: