Interior Design Website

Create a website as unique and stylish as your designs.

Interior Design Website
Create a website as unique and stylish as your designs.

Scope out your space.

No one knows the best way to showcase your designs better than you. Unveil your work and create an interior design website yourself.

Like every design project, there are a few things you need to scope out before you begin. First, you need to figure out what the goal of your site is. Whether you’re hoping to create an online portfolio of your work or an online community to discuss everything related to interior design, take some time to think about it. Doing so ensures you build the perfect site.

After you’ve figured out the goals of your site, you need to pick a name. The name of your website should be original, easy to remember and reflect your purpose. If you need a little bit of inspiration, do a few Google searches. Looking at existing designs sites will help you come up with a unique name.

Once you’ve figured out these details, you can start creating the rest of your site.

Unveil your design motivation.

Everyone has a different source of inspiration when it comes to design. No matter what yours is, share it with fellow designers. Let them know what the source of your inspiration is and how you use it in each one of your designs. Including this information will help visitors get to know the genius behind the designs and maybe get inspired themselves.

If you're using your site to discuss the work of other designers, be sure to include some background information on the designers. Visitors will love getting to know professional designers better and how they can use expert methods.


Feature an interior design online gallery.

Give your visitors a first-hand look at your designs or the work of designers you admire. You should consider including a short paragraph or two about the purpose of the work and the style. Featuring these details provides people with interior design knowledge they can use themselves.

If you’re showcasing your own work, consider providing even more details. Explain your thought process, roadblocks you may have encountered and your feelings about the final result. Visitors will love getting a closer look at the design process and your creative process.

Tour dream houses.

Take visitors on a tour of designer homes and buildings on your website. Allow visitors to click through photo galleries or watch a short video that takes them through residences which have incredible interior designs. Giving visitors this kind of encounter is sure to get them excited and inspired. Plus, it’ll keep them coming back to your site for more.

Create an online narrative.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to interior design. Style tips, resources, trends—the list goes on and on. Help your visitors get inspired by featuring a blog on your website. Posting articles discussing the latest design trends or up and coming designers are the kind of topics that create discussion amongst your readers.

If you’re using your site to promote your work, consider posting your latest accomplishments or newly finished projects. Your visitors will love watching you work and seeing you grow professionally.

Provide an extra dose of design inspiration.

Inspiration can sometimes be a hard thing to find. Give your visitors a helping hand by providing them with some extra creativity. Posting photos of the best beach houses, museums or kitchens and explaining the genius behind each design can give your visitors the daily dose of motivation they need.

Shop the latest interior design looks.

Allow your visitors to get the latest designs into their home by featuring an online store on your site. Create a place for visitors to browse through kitchen tiles, tables, carpets, bedroom sets and more. Don’t forget to include as many details as possible about each piece, including who it was designed by, the style and the price. Doing so will help your visitors find the perfect piece for their home.


Attend the best events.

Get your readers a chance to attend the most exciting interior design events by featuring an event calendar on your site. Include the date, time and location of events fans might be interested in attending. Whenever there’s a lecture or exposition focused on interior design, post it on the calendar. You should also consider including a short paragraph about why it’s an event they shouldn’t miss.

Subscribe for more.

After you’ve created your site, you need to keep people coming back for more. One way to do so is by featuring a subscribe button. Giving visitors the option to sign up for email updates ensures they stay up-to-date on everything happening both on your site and in the design world. Whenever you post a news article or blog post, your followers will be alerted.

Connect with other designers.

Visitors are bound to have questions about designs and trends and they may turn to you for answers. Allow them to get in touch with you by featuring your contact information on your site. Posting your primary phone number and email address ensures your visitors can contact you in minutes.

Take it a step further and include your social media information as well. Enabling your visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest allows them to stay updated on new designs and trends while scrolling through social media.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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