Find your unique focus.

Everyone likes dressing up and feeling pretty, so think of lingerie as an investment in yourself. From designers to fashionistas, lingerie should make the wearer feel beautiful. Have you found a great collection of underwear and lingerie designers you’re dying to share with the world?

Whatever your vision brings to the lingerie world, embrace it. Perhaps you specialize in vintage lingerie designs or have a passion for sustainable fashion. Take some time to think about what unique perspective you bring to the world of intimate clothing. For example, will your lingerie website sell unique pieces, or will it feature industry news and updates? Look at the industry and choose a few lingerie companies or sites that you admire to figure out what type of content works for them. You don’t need to copy or replicate what you find, but analyzing successful brands will give you an idea of what type of content to include on your site.

Once you know how you want to define yourself in lingerie online, you can find a domain name and build a website that communicates your vision.

Sell only the finest.

Sell your wares on your website with a simple eCommerce store. Depending on the website builder you choose, creating an online store is relatively simple. Look for a layout that focuses on images and allows for product descriptions. If you don’t feel quite ready to create an online, look to already established marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay. The key is not to reinvent the process of selling your lingerie, but to leverage platforms and spaces that already exist. Keep in mind that these platforms often charge transaction and membership fees, so sometimes creating your own online store right from the start can make more financial sense.

Include customer reviews.

When you’re starting out in any business, positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can help boost your brand image. After establishing your lingerie website and making some sales, reach out to customers via email to ask if they’d be willing to write you a review. You could offer discounts or credits on future purchases in exchange for reviews, or even establish a referral program. Carefully read through the responses and select a range of reviews that you feel best represent your customers’ experiences.