Music Website

Build your own custom music website.

Determine your website’s purpose.

Everyone has a different passion when it comes to music. Express yours with a music website you build yourself.

There are a few things you need to consider before you start building your site. First, you need determine the purpose of your site. The focus of your site could be a number of things, including:

  • Promoting your original tracks

  • Creating an online music store

  • Discussing the latest artists and albums

  • Sharing the most recent news from the music industry

Whatever your purpose is, take some time to think about it. Doing so will help you create a more organized, focused site, and it will help you pick the best website builder for your purpose. You’ll want to choose a website builder that allows you to include all the features you want on your new site - whether that’s a blog, an online store, an image gallery, or something else.

Compose your domain name.

Once you’ve determined the focus of your site, you need to come up with a domain name. The name of your site should be simple and easy for visitors to remember, while also reflecting the purpose of your site. If you need some inspiration for a good domain name, take a look at some existing music websites. Seeing what others have already done might help get your creative juices flowing.

When choosing your domain name, consider options besides just the standard .com. Some alternative domain extensions for a music website include .music, .band, and .country, among others. It all comes down to what you prefer most, but check out a different domain extensions can help you come up with a unique domain that might not be available as a .com.

After you’ve figured out your site’s purpose and registered your domain name, you’re ready to start building.

Create content that captivates.

Good content forms a fundamental part of any website. Keeping the content on your site fresh and relevant will help ensure that visitors keep coming back for more. Adding a blog to your music website is a great way to do this. Below we give you some ideas of what kinds of things to write about - just to help get your own creative juices flowing.


Share your story.

When people come to your site, they want to know what your story is. Consider creating an “about” page on your site. If you’re promoting your own music, share your music background and the inspiration behind your music. For online music stores or blogs, tell your followers how you got started and what keeps you going. Sharing this information will help increase your site’s credibility and help your followers get to know you better.

Feature the latest news.

There’s always something newsworthy going on in the music industry. New albums are released, bands break up and new artists are discovered. Whenever something newsworthy happens, post it on your site. You could post this information either on your site’s blog or on a news section. Now, your readers will always be up-to-date on the latest happenings in the music industry.

If you’re using your site to promote your own band or music, let your followers know what’s going on. Whether you’ve got a show coming up, are working on a new album or have some great news, share it with your followers. They’ll love seeing what you and your band are working on and how you’re progressing.


Spotlight musicians.

New artists are discovered almost daily. When you find one that you’re really excited about, feature them on your website. Consider posting an article that includes information like how they were discovered, what their inspiration is and which genre their music falls into. You could also include details about their music, including your favorite tracks and their latest projects. All this information will help fellow music-lovers get to know other musicians.

What’s on the charts.

Let fellow music-lovers know what songs and albums are at the top of the charts. Create a space on the homepage of your site where you can feature the top 50 songs of the month or the best selling albums in a different country. Doing so will help your followers know which musicians they should be paying attention to and help them find something different that they might love.

You should also consider featuring top music videos as well. Your followers will love having a variety of content to choose from while on your site.

Download tracks.

When your readers find a song they love, they’ll want to add it to their personal collection. Allow them to do so on your music website. Feature a download option next to every song and album so that people can download your music.

If you’re just starting out with your own music, consider allowing followers to download your collection for free. Doing so will help you increase your fans. You can always start selling your music once you’ve got a larger fanbase.

Advertise local concerts and events.

Give your followers the chance to see their favorite artists and bands in person. Consider creating a calendar on your site that lists the date, time, and location of concerts. Take it a step further and link to sites that sell tickets to these events. Now, when your followers see a concert they’re interested in, they can purchase tickets in just a few minutes. You might even be able to work out affiliate deals with the sites you link to.

What fans are saying.

What better way to get people excited about either your music or a fellow artists than by featuring customer reviews on your site? When visitors come to your site, they’ll see what songs everyone is talking about or how much they love your new album. Posting this information will help get visitors excited about new music.

If you’re using your site to promote your own music, customer reviews will help get people more interested in your own collection. When they see what others love about you as an artist, they’ll want to check it out for themselves.

Provide an email encore.

Give your followers a way to stay up-to-date on everything happening at your site by featuring a subscribe button on your site. Doing so allows your fans to subscribe for email updates which ensures they never miss anything new on your site.

Make it easy for fans to get in touch.

Your fans will want to get in touch with you at some point, so give them a way to contact you. Feature your contact information somewhere on your site. Posting your email address ensures they can get in touch with you easily.

You should also consider post to your social media account. Allow visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so as they’re scrolling through social media, they’ll know what’s going on with your music website. Stay on top of any questions or private messages sent to you via social media, as that will help you establish a robust, interactive social media presence that fans will appreciate.

Next steps: What to do after launching your music website?

Launching your music website is really just the first step to building out a successful online presence. Check out the below resources to learn how to better grow and manage your website and your larger online identity: