The latest from your area.

Feature the latest news and events from your state and city. Include a module that updates with the latest news happening in your state. Or use a calendar to keep track of upcoming events like elections or little league games. Write articles for every demographic in your area. Reporting on the latest winners of high school state competitions or local restaurants can show how invested you are in the city. Creating a local presence is integral to becoming a reliable website for those seeking information about the latest happenings in town.

Feature breaking news.

Keep your readers in the loop by updating your newspaper website with breaking news and developing stories. Be the first to create a captivating headline that will get distributed by engaged readers. Make sure to be honest when delivering breaking news. People will come to your site for the truth regarding the latest events and your content should respond accordingly.

Keeping up with changing events has never been easier when you can update posts in just seconds. Make sure your articles circulate throughout the day, so that your news is always fresh. A lot can happen in a single day, so make your website a reliable source for the newest information.


Increase search engine rankings.

Grow your audience and become one of the web’s biggest newspaper websites. Don’t know SEO? Search for the best SEO practices on Google and begin integrating them into your website. Rise to the top of the search results by targeting keywords and phrases on your homepage. Make sure to target the audience that will find your site valuable and watch as your readers grow thanks to your efforts.

Leverage social media platforms.

Allow your readers to share news stories on their favorite social media platforms with a single click. Create a Twitter account and let your followers retweet or favorite popular headlines. Broaden your readership by catering your content to a different generation.

Develop an Instagram account to give people behind-the-scenes access on the latest stories developing. Create 24-hour long posts your viewers can watch allowing them to step into the shoes of a news reporter.

Additionally, make a Facebook page people can like and share on their newsfeed. Growing your social media presence is one of the best ways people can stay informed and is bound to help your website grow.