Nutritionist Website

Connect with your customers.

Nutritionist Website
Connect with your customers.

Start with research.

Reach fellow wellness-enthusiasts with a customized nutritionist website and get the word out about healthy habits.

You’ve decided to take the next step and launch your nutritionist website. These sites can cover many different topics, so do some research to understand the types of content you should include on your site. Think back to what motivated you to create a nutritionist website in the first place. Maybe you want to advertise consulting services on your website or sell supplements while also maintaining an informational blog. Maybe you want to be an expert on weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices or a holistic approach to wellness. Maybe it's a combination of all of the above.

Depending on your background and knowledge, there will be different levels and types of nutrition advice you can offer to your readers. If you have the experience and qualifications to offer comprehensive nutrition planning to clients, build your content calendar with that theme in mind.

Taking the time to research and determine what you want to do with your website will help you choose a website builder that offers all the features that you want to include.

Find the right domain.

After you’ve decided on the tone and direction of your website, start thinking about a domain name. A catchy domain name can make or break your business. Make sure you’re giving your nutritionist website a healthy start by finding and registering the domain name that’s right for you. Keep in mind that there are now great alternatives to a .com domain, like .health. These newer domain extensions can help you get a little more creative with choosing a domain name for your nutritionist website.

Not sure where to start with names? Do a Google search for “how to pick a domain name.”

Offer actionable tips.

Help readers discover the benefits of a diet backed by a complete nutrition plan. Provide detailed instructions on how to craft a healthful lifestyle with:

  • Everyday recipes

  • Lifestyle tips

  • Exercise advice

  • Weight loss meal plans

Put your advice to the test and track your own nutrition journey. Including photos, videos and written testimonials from others you’ve helped are valuable proof that your methods work.


Get the word out with email.

Share what you know and bring new eyes to your nutritionist website with thoughtfully-crafted email marketing campaigns. Give readers actionable ways to follow a healthy lifestyle and incorporate nutrition into their daily lives. A regular newsletter can be an effective, low-cost way to keep your readers engaged.

Bring traffic to your store - both online and offline.

If you have a local brick-and-mortar office or storefront, get it indexed online along with the correct contact information to show up on sites like Yelp, Foursquare and Google. You can set up accounts with these different sites on your own, or you can get a company to list your company on all the major sites for you. Many business owners choose to go this route, as it helps save time, since you can update all your business listings in one place versus having to log in to multiple accounts to make changes.

To drive even more foot traffic to your physical location, you can also offer incentives like a free consultation or discounts on your nutrition services for people who visit in person.

Partner with trusted brands.

Practice makes perfect. And the process of living a well-balanced lifestyle can be made easier with some assistance. Whether it’s a trick to stay hydrated, your favorite protein powder or the multivitamins you swear by, share your favorite nutrition-boosting products. Consider establishing an affiliate relationship with products you use frequently and explore a referral or rewards program for recruiting new customers on your website.

Make an even bigger impact with your nutritionist website.

Once you’ve launched your nutritionist website, you can use the below resources pages to take your website’s reach to the next level: