Photography Website

Create a photography website that captures your talent.

Photography Website
Create a photography website that captures your talent.

Dazzle customers with impactful images.

Book appointments. Sell prints. Grow your business.

An online search is likely to be one of the first places your photography customers encounter your work. Introduce yourself, describe what made you a photographer and why you’ve chosen to create a photography website. Determine your goals for making this website and decide if you’re going to showcase your work, or book photography shoots with clients. Or maybe it’s both. Whether you’re hired for engagement pictures or graduation ceremonies, letting customers know why you love photography will allow them to trust your ability to capture moments that will last a lifetime.


Create stunning photography galleries.

Show off your best shots with mobile-friendly photo galleries. This is where first-time visitors on your website will be able to see the content you produce. Create blog posts about your latest photo sessions and share them on your social media profile. Give your posts varied headlines to allow people to see the spectrum of your photoshoot venues:

  • Beach day
  • Mist & mountain tops
  • Bright lights, big city
  • Nature hikes
  • Urban landscapes
  • Rural countryside portraits

Choose the perfect image layout for your aesthetic and customize your site to get the ideal look.

Promote your unique brand of photos.

Your presets are what define your unique style. Demonstrate your skills with lighting and editing then make your product marketable. Offering your presets will allow dedicated followers to mirror your brand and recognize you on social media. Fans of your work will promote your style by buying your distinct presets and using them on their own pictures. Let exposure pay for itself.

Tour with your skills.

Create a section on your website dedicated to informing followers where and when you’re available for bookings. Demonstrate your mobility by traveling to different areas of the United States for your photo sessions. Show people who may not live close to you that they will always be able to book you for a session. Create an incentive for interested customers to visit your website often by getting them to see when you’ll be in town soon. Set up photography events in nearby cities with other photographers and make it open to the public. Creating events will increase customer traffic and also make your website a hub for photography events. Let people know that your services are always at the push of a button.


Sell photography prints online.

Use your photography website to sell your prints. Homeowners or apartment renters are always looking for new art to decorate their walls, so let it be your work. Set up an online store for available prints and let people know how many prints are left in stock. Because prints take time to create, inform customers that they will only be able to buy your prints while supplies last. Create a shopping cart where people can keep track of which photos they’ve chosen before check out. Take payments via Apple Pay, PayPal and all major credit cards and receive notifications when new orders are placed on your photography website.

Increase photography sales with online bookings.

Include an online appointment scheduling function on your photography website to allow customers to book your services in a click. Create a form that future clients will be able to fill-out describing their ideal shoot. Make sure the form has a preferred venue location, and the style of photo session desired, so you can begin brainstorming. This form will also help you stay organized so that you never miss a detail or misplace an appointment note again.

Create emails customers will read.

Don’t get lost in the junk folder. Create a newsletter that your followers can subscribe to in order to be eligible for giveaways, discount bookings or free prints. Crafting a weekly newsletter will separate you from daily junk mail and will also keep customers informed about new blog posts you may have. Email marketing is one of the best practices to establish a reliable form of communication to those who don’t frequent your website yet.

The power of social sharing.

No marketing strategy is complete without a social media component. Create an Instagram account that links to your website. Post daily stories about photographer adventures and promote other artists that are just starting their own business. Create an editorial calendar to plan your blog posts and articles designed to help attract new followers and stay relevant with updated content. Instagram can open you up to a series of new marketing opportunities, like potential advertisement opportunities or cooperating on a photoshoot with fellow photographers.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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