Politics Website

Win more supporters with a custom political website.

Give some background.

Whether you’re trying to be the new Commander-in-Chief or are simply trying to provide news on your town’s mayoral election, let the readers know who you are. Providing the reason for why you got into politics will let people see you as an individual. Your motivations build trust and that just might be what it takes to get voters to propel you into the office where it all happens.

Getting started in politics.

The world of politics can get messy fast, so it is important to know what you’re trying to say before you attempt to say it. Establish your goals quickly before you create a political website:

  • Are you trying to inform the masses about the latest news from Capitol Hill?

  • Are you letting your constituents know that you are throwing your hat into the political ring?

  • Maybe you’re trying to be the next CSPAN with basic political coverage?

Making sure your website is focused and concise is the best way to let both sides of the aisle know exactly what, or who, they’re dealing with.

Additionally, be wary of bias. It is vital that your website is as refreshing as possible. Once you’ve established what your website is going to be about, be honest and candid. A factual representation of what your website is all about will be the best way to draw in supporters.

Include breaking news.

News changes quickly and people will look to your site for responses. How will your website keep up? Depending on your ability to respond rapidly, readers will see what information you choose to prioritize. Not all news is worthy of a breaking news alert, so how will you determine which moments are worthy of your immediate attention?

Inflammatory headlines will do nothing but make you look like you’re crying wolf. Don’t make news more than it is. When the real moments come so will the readers. Most importantly, make sure to be transparent. Citing your sources will grow your own credibility and will show the public that you are also a reliable source of information.


Build a virtual town hall.

Give campaign supporters and pundits a place to gather and share ideas. A customized, political website gives you the power to launch a movement. Blogs are the perfect place to create conversation. Making sure your posts have comment sections will give the crowd the ability to have their own say on a particular issue, and gives you the chance to respond publically. Some supporters may feel less inclined to participate on certain issues and will have concerns of their own. Consider creating a separate message board elsewhere on your site to stimulate additional meaningful dialogues.

Raise more capital.

Let supporters donate to your cause and purchase promotional materials. Create an online store to sell campaign merchandise and take donations 24/7. Whether you’re trying to inspire hope or send a message of greatness, merchandise will let supporters show off who they intend to cast their ballot for.

Posters and stickers create insightful, political messages with only a few words and have been the cornerstone of several political revolutions. Pins and water bottles send subtle and useful statements that supporters can carry everywhere they go.

Shirts and hats are more forward in their approach and send a direct message of how people feel about you and your cause. Nothing says “I support you” more than someone with your face or name printed on their chosen outfit of the day.

Granting people the ability to show their belief in you provides social and monetary capital to your campaign, and can make the difference to those who are still undecided about who deserves their vote.

Craft your public image.

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Use your politics website to communicate your message and wow potential voters. Demonstrate the importance of your values to new party members or longtime voters. Use this as an opportunity to remind others what your priorities are.

Post pictures of your involvement and volunteering efforts. Show the time that you’ve committed into making your neighborhood cleaner, helping out at your local Boys & Girl’s club or providing service at your local animal shelter.

Creating your public persona allows supporters to view you as an example. Not only in the projects you’ve completed, but also what aspects of the community you’re investing your resources into. Show supporters ‘why’ you stand out amongst your fellow candidates.

Update your campaign schedule.

If you decide to use your politics website as a hub for your campaign, make sure to include updates on your schedule. Public appearances are a must for any campaign, so include the dates of your events and speeches on your site to draw a bigger crowd to your campaign rallies.

Reach out to your base.

Expand and engage your social media support base. Do some research and plan out how to grow your online presence and reach your target demographics. Focus on sites like Instagram or Twitter to give updates on your political rallies, and invest in print advertisements like billboards or posters located in highly-trafficked areas. Create and distribute email campaigns reminding supporters who have donated or visited your website that their contributions are making a difference.

Rank higher.

Show up faster and higher in searches. Use SEO best practices to boost your site’s ranking and reach more supporters. Focus on keywords pertaining to the city or state you live in to narrow the scope of your political campaign. Use targeted keyword phrases that relate to the values you find important. Be sure to use them strategically on the pages throughout your political website and make sure your pages link to one another. This will encourage search engines and users alike to further explore your site.

Connect with your supporters.

Expand your media presence and keep your base informed with email campaigns and announcements about public appearances. Create powerful messages to build your audience and connect with new demographics. Include information like:

  • Key platform issues

  • Policy outlines

  • Party values

  • A list of those who’ve contributed

  • Incentives for participation

In the run up to a big election or debate it’s important to keep engagement high with your supporters.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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