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Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or a player, express your love for the game with a custom soccer website.

Before you start creating your soccer site, there are a few things you need to consider. First, take some time to think about the purpose of your site. Are you hoping to discuss the latest soccer news? Do you wish to promote your team? Or do you want to create a place where fans can discuss all things soccer? Whatever your goal is, take some time to think about it. Doing so will help you create a more organized site.

Once you’ve figured out your purpose, pick a name. Your site’s name should be simple, catchy and reflect your site’s purpose. If you need some inspiration, take a look at existing soccer sites. After you’ve picked a name and figured out your purpose, you’re ready to start creating your site.

Discuss the latest news.

Even in the offseason, there’s always something going on in the world of soccer. Post the most recent news articles on your soccer website. This section should be all about sharing game results, new regulations and championship information. Posting all this info ensures that fellow players and fans are up-to-date with everything that’s going on.

Feature game schedules.

Get fans excited about the next game by creating an online calendar that lists the date, time and location of each upcoming game. Provide as much information as possible, like the channels airing the game, so fans can watch the games live. Make sure to include starting times and whether games are available in HD.

See the scores.

Give your visitors a place to see every score from every game on your website. Listing the final results of a match on the homepage of your site gives fans access to scores from around the world. Posting match results are crucial, especially during soccer season. Fans and players can’t see which teams are doing well and who is likely to be in the championship game without knowing the scores.


Meet the players.

Help fans get to know the players of any team by featuring their information on your website. Create a page or section on your site where fans can browse through the players of any soccer team. Consider including information like which team they belong to, their background, team photos, career highlights and more.

Including transfer information is also essential. Featuring these details ensures that fans are aware of what’s happening with their favorite player or team. Visitors will love having all this information in an easily-accessible place.

Feature game highlights.

There are some moments or plays in a soccer game that fans are going to want to see again and again. Feature those moments on your soccer website. Create a space on your site where fans can watch videos or view photos of incredible plays, unbelievable incidents and amazing victories. People will love being able to watch those moments again and again, and they’ll keep coming back to your site for more.

Join a game.

Allow your visitors to get involved in a game by featuring club or league information on your site. Include a section on your website where fans and players can browse through available leagues or teams and join one that best fits their needs and schedule. Giving visitors a chance to stop watching and start playing is something that will make your site unique.

Connect with other fans.

Featuring an online community where people can get together and talk about soccer is something your visitors will love. Give readers the chance to share thoughts and opinions about a game, team or player with other soccer fans.

Not only can fans talk soccer, but they can also participate in polls, questionnaires and contests posted on your site. Featuring this information enables people to get further involved in the soccer community and maybe even win some incredible prizes.


Get fans in the stands.

Give fans a chance to cheer on their favorite team from the stands. Feature an online store where people can buy tickets to the next home game. Be sure to include information like when and where the game is happening (as well as the ticket price).

You should also consider linking to other ticket-selling sites if you don’t sell tickets yourself. Fans will appreciate your attempts to get them into the stands.

Sell team merchandise.

Allow fans to show their team spirit by selling team merchandise and swag on your soccer website. Whether you’re selling jerseys, foam fingers or banners, include it all on your online store. Be sure to include as much information as possible, including the price and shipping policies. Giving your visitors a chance to support their favorite team or player through swag is something they’ll love. Plus, when their friends ask where they got their merchandise, visitors will send them straight to your site.

Subscribe for more.

Staying on top of everything going on in the world of soccer can be difficult. Keep visitors updated by featuring a subscribe button on your site. Give fans the chance to subscribe to email updates that will alert them whenever something new is posted on your site. Doing so will make keeping up with soccer news and events much more manageable. Be sure the subscribe button is easily noticeable.

Stay in touch.

Fans are bound to have questions or comments about something on your site. Give them the chance to find answers to their questions by posting your contact information. Including your primary phone number and email address somewhere on your website ensures that visitors can get in touch with you, should they have questions.

Take it a step further by including your site’s social media information as well. No matter what platform you’re on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat), be sure to link to your profile. Doing so allows fans to get their daily dose of soccer while scrolling through their social media.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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