Get the conversation started.

Building a customized sports website is the first step to realizing your dream of creating an online space for sports enthusiasts. However, before you can begin building you need to figure out the goal and purpose of your site. Maybe you’re envisioning a place where sports fans can meet to bond over their love of the game. Or perhaps your motivation is to find like-minded sports enthusiasts in your area. Looking to start a sports league or pick up game? Run with it. Whatever is motivating your love for sports, put that passion into your site. Readers will respond to your drive to share your love of sports with the world.

Host workshops and register players.

Organize sports leagues, workouts and clinics and announce them on your sports website. From football to basketball, even croquet, it’s easy to create a space for sports fans and players to gather. If you’re hosting leagues or tournaments, create a place for people to register for tryouts with a calendar and appointment setting feature. Registrants will get notifications and calendars will automatically sync if a game or practice needs to be rescheduled.

Find your fields.

Looking for a place to play? Or perhaps you know of an open court? Share the wealth and post about available gyms, fields or courts. Your sports website can also be a place where fans and players gather to start their own pick up games. Link to your social media pages to spread the word and encourage engagement through likes and shares.


Never miss a moment of the action.

There’s a lot going on in the world of sports. Too much, in fact, for a single person or website to keep track of. Don’t tire yourself out scouring the web for the latest scores—get all the news and updates on your favorite sports in one place with an integrated RSS feed for your sports website. Pull together breaking news and information from leading sports sites in an easy-to-read news feed to get updates as they happen.

Keep your league and fans in the loop.

Keep your players, team and fans updated about league news and game announcements with impactful email campaigns. Drive traffic to your sports website with email newsletters announcing sports news, the latest stats and scores and featured opinion pieces from sports writers. If you have the budget and the means, entice visitors to your site with contests or giveaways. Consider offering things like tickets to local sporting events, and meet-and-greets with players.


Sell sports merchandise.

Raise funds, collect dues and spread team pride with an online store. Ecommerce services make it easy to securely sell and manage your online store from your sports website. Upload photos of available merchandise and include product descriptions to encourage fans to purchase your sports gear.

Consider creating a section for new and used gear that you sell at a discount, or open up the message boards for sports fans to trade their equipment. Be sure to organize your gear, so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Try categories by:

  • Season (ex. Winter Sports)
  • Sport (ex. Football, Running, or Yoga)
  • Environment (ex. Water Sports, Indoor or Outdoor Sports)