Choose a memorable domain name.

Once you figure out your website’s focus, it’s time to give your titular tech site a domain name and a home. When it comes to a domain name, try to find something that will resonate with your audience or something that has a fun/playful tone while still conveying a sense of insider knowledge. In short, don’t be afraid to play around with different domain names, but don’t get too clever for your own good. You still want to choose a domain that will be easy for users to remember and type as well.

Use a flexible website builder.

Looking to sell your company’s products and merchandise? Or perhaps you wish to become an online vendor? Table up your offerings with your tech website.

If you’re looking to sell custom products or act as a vendor, consider building your site with website builder that lets you easily incorporate an online store. Having a one-stop-shop allows customers to click and buy with ease. More importantly, customers more likely to make a purchase and return to your website if you nail the UX design. A good website builder will make designing your online store a breeze, so you can effectively connect with potential buyers.

Build out your content.

If you decide to be make your technology website more of an encyclopedia of knowledge and newest trends, hire some tech-savvy freelancers to write articles for you. In fact, having freelancers write for you or even help develop your site will ensure you’re on the right path. Just make sure that the content written for your website is evergreen and knowledgeable. The biggest risk of running a tech site is having inaccurate content that destroys your reputation as an expert.