Vacation Rentals Website

Create the perfect getaway website.

Set up your site.

Design your vacation rental marketplace with a custom website.

There are two things you need to keep in mind before you create your vacation rental website. First, think about its purpose. Are you using your website to compare various vacation rental search tools? Or are you hoping to promote a tool you developed? Whatever your site’s purpose, take some time to think about it.

Second, you need to pick a name. The name of your site should stand out from the crowd, so pick something that is catchy and easy to remember. Do a few Google searches to see what’s already out there and gain inspiration.


Find the perfect rental.

Help visitors find the perfect vacation rental by featuring a prominent search tool on your site’s homepage. The search bar should allow visitors to look for rentals by location, travel date and price range. Your site should give visitors all the information they need. Post facts like the number of bedrooms your rental has, amenities it offers, and all the special, local attractions. Really sell your place: useful information allows visitors to narrow down results and pick the perfect place.

Make a reservation.

Allow visitors to reserve their home away from home on your website. Designate a spot on your site that allows vacationers to make reservations in minutes. Include a form where visitors can choose their check in/out dates and request amenities likes extra beds, towels and more. Don’t forget to include price, as well as any additional fees or taxes that might apply to the property.

Meet the team.

Introduce your visitors to the staff members who help make every vacation property an incredible destination to visit. Carve out a place on your vacation rentals website dedicated to your staff. You should include people's names, headshots, job descriptions and professional backgrounds. A well crafted “About Us” section can put vacationers at ease and make them feel more comfortable making a reservation.

Share guest experiences.

Before someone books a stay at a resort or vacation rental, they’ll want to know what others have to say. Set up a virtual guest book for visitors to sign after their stay and make guest reviews public on your site. Transparency helps visitors pick the perfect vacation property. Potential vacationers will be able to see what kind of experience to expect and how much past visitors love the properties featured on your site.


Take a tour.

Give vacationers a glimpse into the types of properties they can book. Feature photos of rooms and the amenities available at each vacation rental. Take it a step further and include a virtual tour and videos of the rental properties. Allowing visitors to get a closer look at the available accommodations will help them narrow down results to book the perfect getaway.

Feature popular destinations and packages.

Get vacationers excited about their next adventure by featuring vacation rentals in popular destinations. In addition to posting photos, guest reviews, and general price information, you should also include top tourist locations, the best restaurants and must-see attractions. Give vacationers as much detail about their next getaway to keep them excited and enthusiastic.

Every traveler loves getting a good deal on their vacation rental. Be sure to feature popular packages on your website to help travelers get the most for their money. Make sure deals and promotions are easy to find and have clear directions on how to book a trip.

Discuss all things travel.

There’s always something to talk about when it comes to travel. Featuring a blog on your vacation rentals website gives you a place to talk about anything and everything related to travel. Post articles on the best summer vacation spots, packing techniques and general traveling tips and tricks.

Feature the posts on the homepage of your site so visitors browsing through it will see the latest articles and stay informed. Keep your readers coming back for more by frequently posting new articles.

Encourage the conversation.

Including a subscription button on your site is a good way to entice potential vacationers to regularly visit your site. Encourage visitors to sign up for email updates on new deals or vacation spots. Now whenever something new gets posted on your site, readers will be notified.

Give your visitors a way to contact you by including basic contact information on your site. Post your primary phone number and email address to quickly get in touch with eager customers. Readers will love getting answers to their questions and discovering your thoughts on various vacation spots and locations.

Grow your social media presence.

You never know when someone might be in the mood for adventure. Take advantage of your business’ social media to promote your vacation rentals website. Post helpful details for travelers: if an airline is selling discount tickets on flights to Hawaii, share it. Is a five-star property offering an amazing deal? Tweet it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, or tag them on Instagram. Now when people are scrolling through their social media feeds, they can seize the opportunity to go on their next adventure.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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