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Domain Buy Service

Domain Buy Service
Your chance to get the domain you want.
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The domain you’ve always wanted can still be yours – even if it’s taken.

Just because someone has already registered your dream domain doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. With GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service, our professionals will do everything they can to get your ideal domain by contacting and negotiating with the current owner on your behalf.

Your personal Domain Agent will:

  • Contact the owner: Your Domain Agent will attempt to reach the current domain owner to discuss their interest in selling the domain.
  • Negotiate the sale: If the owner is willing to sell, your Domain Agent will work with you and the seller to negotiate a price you’re both happy with.
  • Facilitate the transaction: If an agreement is reached, you and the seller can proceed with confidence as your Domain Agent oversees the sale.

Trust the company that knows domains better than anyone else.

We manage more domains than anyone else, so we know how important it is to have the right domain for your business or personal website. Our professional Domain Agents are dedicated to helping you get the domain you want at a price that works for you.


Determine the value

  • Use the search box on this page to enter the domain you want and add it to your cart.
  • Within two business days, your personal Domain Agent will send you a link to a secure Web page with a full appraisal of the domain you selected.

Negotiate a price

  • Once you have the appraisal, your Domain Agent will contact you to discuss the process and answer any questions you might have.
  • After speaking with you, your Domain Agent will try to contact the current owner to relate your interest in his or her domain.

Strike a deal

  • If the current owner is interested in selling, your Domain Agent will negotiate to get you the lowest possible price, never exceeding your maximum.
  • If the current owner agrees, your Domain Agent will help facilitate the sale to ensure that it goes through quickly and smoothly.

What is Domain Buy Service?

Domain Broker

If you want to purchase a domain name that is currently registered by someone else, we can help! Our Domain Buy Service provides a personal domain name broker that will appraise the domain name’s value, reach out to the current domain name owner, research and negotiate a sales price within your budget, and then facilitate the domain name sales transaction. Domain Buy Service agents are domain name experts and will do everything they can to make sure they secure a domain name at the lowest price for you.

For more information, visit our Domain Buy Service support page.

Is Domain Buy Service right for me?

The Domain Buy Service is used for a number of reasons. If you want to purchase a registered domain name, are not familiar with the domain name aftermarket or pricing, or need a secure and anonymous way to make a domain name payment, then Domain Buy Service is perfect for you!

For more information, see What is Domain Buy Service?

Does Domain Buy Service guarantee that I’ll obtain the domain name I want?

The Domain Buy Service guarantees a personal domain broker that will dedicate a maximum of 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name’s current owner. While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of a domain name, we will attempt to contact the current registrant and negotiate a deal for you.

For more information, see Purchasing Domain Buy Service.

How do you charge for the Domain Buy Service?

We charge an initial Domain Buy Service fee to start the domain buy process and if the domain name is successfully purchased, a 20% Buyer Broker fee ($15 minimum fee) will be added to the domain purchase price.

The registrant is interested in selling their domain name. Now what?

If the domain owner is willing to sell their domain name to you, your domain name broker will start negotiating prices, starting with the minimum price you chose and working up to your maximum offer. After a price is settled on, an offer is made. Offers are valid for as many as 10 business days and cannot be canceled unless you want to accept a counter offer that was presented by the seller.

For more information, see Domain Buy Service: A Buyer's Roadmap.

How do you contact the domain name registrant?

After we determine the value of the domain name you are interested in, we check the registrant and administrative contacts associated with the domain name in the Whois database. More often than not, the registrant or administrative contact owns or knows the individual who owns the domain name. Your domain broker will reach out to the registrant via email or phone.

If the contact information associated with the domain doesn’t work, your domain name broker will only use publicly-listed information to contact the domain name registrant on your behalf.

How do I move the domain name that I purchased into my account?

Now that the domain name is yours, let’s move it into your account! If the domain name was not registered through GoDaddy, then you must purchase and complete a domain name transfer to move it into your account. If the domain name was registered through Go Daddy, then you must accept the domain name into your account via a change of account.

What happens if the domain name isn’t acquired?

If we are unable to contact the domain owner to sell their domain name, then we cannot move forward to acquire the domain name for you. Your domain broker will close your claim after 30 days or after the domain owner decides not to sell their domain name.


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