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News and Media Domain Names

Have you heard the news?

The web is packed with journalists, writers, vloggers and others trying to break the latest news. What could you do to set your site apart from the rest? The right extension, that’s what. And we have hundreds of them to choose from.

Domain extensions for newsmakers and heartbreakers alike.

Freedom of the .press
Being a journalist today can mean a ton of different things. Maybe you’re a blogger that covers the local restaurant scene, or a reporter for a major newspaper. A .media domain extension fills all of those needs in one, as does .press, for example. Basically, if you do something to make the news, there’s probably a domain extension for you.
Media for the makers.
Got a band? Maybe you work a board for your local sound studio. We have lots of domain extensions for you. For example, .band, .rocks, .video and .theater would all work for people in the music industry, and if you make movies, then .film, .theatre and .actor also fill your needs. Creators of all kinds have options for a domain extension that describes them perfectly.
One-hit wonders welcome.
You don’t need to be a big name to get a great domain extension. Let’s say you’re doing a pop-up gallery in town to promote your art. A .show or .art extension would work well, as would .gallery. Run with a .buzz domain extension to build up some hype on your upcoming event, or set up a special media page with clips and samples at a .media extension. Get creative. It’s what you do best, after all.