Fax Thru Email

Send and receive faxes securely anywhere you have Internet access.

NEW! Now offering area codes for most U.S. states

All Plans Include

Dedicated fax number
Ability to send files from any device with a Web connection
Fax to multiple numbers at one time
3-step cover sheet wizard
Ability to block numbers, even international
FREE 24/7 support
Toll-free Plans
Standard Plans

Replace your bulky old fax machine with a fast, paper-free solution. It's eco-friendly!

Forget the waste and expense of a fax machine – with Fax Thru Email, you send and receive faxes over the Web, using your own unique fax number. Incoming faxes go directly to your email inbox; you send outgoing faxes right from your email or by logging on to FaxThruEmail.com.*

Technology makes it fast, our features make it easy.

Fax Thru Email uses the Internet, rather than a phone line, to send and receive faxes. There's no equipment to buy or phone line to install – you send faxes directly from any device you use for email or browsing the Internet*. View and manage your fax history, including sent/received logs, account information, help and billing details from our easy Web-based manager.

Send faxes anytime, anywhere*

Fax to numbers in the U.S. and Canada* directly from your email account. Just enter the fax number and your remote faxing password in the Subject line, attach your files and hit SEND.
You can also send faxes via FaxThruEmail.com, including these features:
* Fax to multiple numbers at one time.
* Customize your cover sheet with your logo using our quick 3-step Cover Sheet Wizard.
Save time by quickly selecting from previous faxed-to numbers. Add attachments – including Microsoft Office®, image/graphics and PDF files – from your computer or GoDaddy Online Storage.

Receive faxes in the office or on the road
  • Read incoming faxes anytime right from your email inbox.
  • A secure way to receive important or confidential documents.
  • Incoming faxes are presented as PDF files.
Track incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Review a record of the faxes you send and receive with Fax Thru Email's Usage History.
  • Optional email confirmations let you know if your fax went through.
  • Use the fax history to double-check receipt of faxes.
Protect your privacy
  • We provide you with a fax number that is unique, personal and private.
  • Incoming, outgoing and personal information remains completely confidential.
  • Block numbers you don't want to receive faxes from, including international numbers.
  • Protect confidential information – with Fax Thru Email there are no paper copies left laying around for someone else to read.
Do more with Workspace
  • Fax Thru Email works seamlessly with other Workspace products, including Calendar and GoDaddy Online Storage (sold separately).
  • Keep track of important fax dates and set fax reminders with Calendar.
  • Add attachments stored in GoDaddy Online Storage with a single click.

Frequently asked questions

What is Fax Thru Email?

Fax Thru Email is exactly as it sounds – an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes via your Internet fax-enabled email account. With this fax to email service, you can choose a standard or toll-free plan, send faxes up to 20mb in size, and even access the service from your smartphone or other Web-enabled device.

For more information, see the Fax Thru Email product support page.

How does it work?

When you fax by email, it's simple. With our Internet fax service, you simply put the recipient's fax number in the subject line of your email, attach the file you want to fax, and click Send. Or log on to FaxThruEmail.com and work from the convenience of your desktop computer or mobile device. It's like carrying a fax machine anywhere you go.

For more information, see the Fax Thru Email Reference Guide.

Do I still need a fax machine to receive faxes?

No. Faxes sent via fax to email are converted into PDF files and delivered directly to your inbox. It's a format that's ideal for viewing from a computer or mobile device. If you need hard copies, you can easily print them.

Are there any per-fax fees or other charges when using GoDaddy's Internet fax solution?

No. Unlike some other online fax plans, we don't charge an activation fee to open a fax account. And you get to choose a fax to email plan that fits your usage, so you don't have to keep track of per-fax charges.

So how many faxes can I send?

That's up to you. We offer three fax to email plans: 150, 300 or 600 pages per month. If you need to send more using an internet fax service, you can purchase additional fax page packs or, of course, upgrade your plan to the next level. We tailor our plans to fit your needs.

For more information, see Sending Faxes Using Fax Thru Email.

Where can I view my faxes?

Anywhere. That's the beauty of using an online fax. Any faxes you send or receive are available right in your email account. That means your fax to email service remains available even if you aren't in the office. It's like having your own fax machine anywhere you go.

For more information, see Receiving and Viewing Faxes in Your Email Account.

Are my faxes safe?

Yes! You get your own Internet fax number, which you can keep private or share with important contacts. Even better, our online fax service lets you block numbers, if you don't want to get fax by email from them.

Who's a good fit for Fax Thru Email?

Well, anyone who uses fax machines! But an Internet fax service is especially useful for people who rely on hard copies of important documents. When you fax by email, your documents are always available right when you need them.

Real estate professionals might use an online fax service to send and receive contracts. And when legal professionals need documents quickly, an Internet fax gives them quick access to documents.

Our fax to email service is also a great way to clear space in home offices. Is your clunky fax machine taking up too much space? Switch to an online fax! A fax to email plan just makes sense.

Can I keep track of my faxes?

Absolutely. Your fax to email plan includes a Usage History, which lets you view everything you send and receive. It lets you know how many transmissions remain in your Internet fax service account. And if you run out, you can easily purchase and apply usage packs to your fax to email service.

How does it work with your other Workspace applications?

In a word, seamlessly. You can set up our online fax service to work with Calendar and GoDaddy Online Storage. That makes it even easier to fax by email.

You can set your Calendar to remind you when it's time to fire up your Internet fax and send documents. And with a single click you can send documents from your Online Storage account using an online fax.

Are there any other benefits to using Fax Thru Email?

Yes, tons! For starters, think of all the trees you save by using an online fax. Piles of paper are a thing of the past with an Internet fax service.

An Internet fax also gives you extra security and privacy. With your online fax service, nobody can view documents without access to your fax to email service.

If you're looking for convenience, Fax Thru Email is the solution for you. If you want privacy, you've got it when you fax by email. Using fax to email is also good for the planet.

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