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Add a Site Maintenance pack to the Hub

To use the premium features in the Hub you'll need to purchase a Site Maintenance pack. Each Site Maintenance pack enables every premium feature for a certain number of sites. You can learn more about Site maintenance pack before purchasing one.

If you're currently using the legacy Pro dashboard, there are few things to consider before moving to the Hub:
  • After purchasing a Site Maintenance pack for the Hub, you can still access the legacy Pro dashboard, but you won't have the ability to activate premium features there.
  • Any active premium features in the legacy Pro dashboard, as well as your customized settings for those features, are transferred to the Hub if the same site(s) are added to the Hub and also added to a Site Maintenance pack.
  • The current month's expenses for premium features in the legacy Pro dashboard are waived for any sites you add to the Hub and add to a Site Maintenance pack.

When you're ready to add a pack:

  1. Log in to The Hub.
  2. Select Sites from the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Select Premium slots available at the top of your list of sites.
  4. Select Purchase.
  5. Choose the Site Maintenance pack that supports the number of sites you want to have access to premium features and complete the purchase.

After purchasing the Site Maintenance pack, you can activate premium features for the number of sites included in the pack.

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