Linux Hosting (cPanel) Help

Linux Hosting Guided Tour

Welcome to Linux Hosting! Now that your account is all set up, let's check out some of the places you need to become familiar with, and you'll be ready to start building your website in no time!

Note: Didn't set up your account yet? No problem - follow the steps in this Help article and then come on back for the tour.

  • First we'll take a look at your Linux Hosting account Dashboard. It's your starting point for owning an account and you can get to all the good stuff from there.
  • Next we'll check out WordPress, the most popular website building app on the planet.
  • Then we'll have a look at cPanel. cPanel is the powerful app running behind the scenes that you can use to manage many of the technical aspects in support of your site.
  • Finally, we'll give you a list of the most important things to do first, like setting up your security and site backups. Then you'll be all set to get on with building your website.

Start the tour!

Ready? Let's go to your account Dashboard.

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