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My Managed WordPress is migrating to an updated platform

To optimize and maximize the value you receive from your Managed WordPress plan(s), we're moving to a new platform! These changes provide faster load times for your websites, enable autoscaling to handle sudden spikes in traffic and ensure an even more secure online environment for all users.

Why is my hosting account being migrated?

These changes will provide faster load times, autoscaling to handle traffic spikes and improved site security.

What can I expect from the migration process?

We'll move all your data for you during the migration process and notify you via email before and after the migration. Brief downtime may occur during the switch, but we'll minimize it as much as possible. After the migration, you must change your SFTP/SSH password for security reasons.

Do I need to change my SSH/SFTP password?

Yes, after your site finishes migrating, we require you to change your SSH/SFTP password since we're moving to a more secure platform. If you have recurring automated connections from third-party plugins/software, you'll have to change the password for those, too. Here's how to change the SSH/SFTP password.

Do I need to update my DNS?

To ensure the smoothest possible experience, we’ll take care of updating the DNS for you.

When is the migration happening?

Your migration will occur between August 2024 and January 2025. Email notifications will be sent out before your migration begins.

Can I reschedule my migration?

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate requests to reschedule individual migrations.

Will my cost or renewal date change because of this migration?

No. Your cost and renewal date won't change because of this migration.

What about my free credits? (For Managed WordPress plans with five credits)

If you host your websites on one of our Managed WordPress plans with multiple credits, we’ll add a new plan to your account for each site. Any unused credits will be returned to your account after the migration. You can find and redeem the credits in the Additional Products section of your GoDaddy product page.

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