SSL Certificates Help

Verify my SSL certificate request for a primary domain on a GoDaddy hosting account like Linux (cPanel), Windows (Plesk), or a Website Builder v7 site

Before we can issue your certificate, we're required to verify that you control the domain(s) that you are requesting the certificate for.

To speed things up and leave you with time to work on other things, we try to do the verification with information we already have or with information we can get from third parties. If we need additional information, our verification team will reach out to help you get your certificate approved.

We usually issue certificates within 24 hours of receiving everything that's required to approve the certificate. We'll send an email when your certificate is issued.

After your certificate is issued

We've already installed your certificate for you. To protect all of your site traffic, you may need to redirect your site traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.

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