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Charge the GoDaddy Poynt Card Reader

Step 1 of the GoDaddy Poynt Card Reader get started series

Your GoDaddy Poynt Card Reader comes packaged with a charging cradle and USB-C cable that you can use to charge it up.

For best results, make sure to charge your Card Reader completely before you use it. This is especially important when you’re using it for the first time. We know you’re excited to use it, but it won’t take too long to get things set up!

  1. Connect the USB-C cable to your Card Reader, then connect it to a power source. There are two ways to connect your Card Reader:
    • Place the Card Reader in the charging cradle, plug in the USB-C cable, then connect it to a power source.
    • Plug the USB-C cable directly into the Card Reader and connect it to a power source.
      charge the device with a charging cradle or USB cord
  2. Once the Card Reader is fully charged (2-3 hours), press the card reader icon power button on the side of the device to turn it on. The LED on the side will flash blue to let you know it’s ready to connect.
    power button on the device

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