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Download my 1099-K form in the Tax Center

The Tax Center is where you can find the relevant tax forms for your GoDaddy business. You can download an electronic version of your 1099-K form from the Tax Center.

All relevant tax forms for GoDaddy Payments merchants are located in the Tax Center. Each year, we mail a physical copy of the 1099-K form to all GoDaddy Payments merchants that meet the IRS requirements. You can also download your 1099-K form online.

  1. Go to the Dashboard where you manage your Payments account (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Settings, and then Tax Center.
  3. Under This year's 1099-K Form, select the 2023 download button 2023 Form button to download your form. The form will already be pre-filled for you with the relevant information.
  4. You can download previous 1099-K forms (starting from 2022), if applicable, by selecting the download button download button under Document History. To obtain a copy of your 2021 1099-K form, please contact us by calling 480-651-9721.

If you meet the qualifications and you haven’t received a 1099-K by mid-February, please contact us for additional assistance. Our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

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