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Add comments to my website preview

You can add comments and upload files, images, or videos to your website preview using our annotation collaboration platform. Your Website Design Specialist will review the submitted comments and complete your requested changes for you.

  1. Go to the email address for your GoDaddy Contact Preferences or the email address you've requested our Website Design Specialists to send notifications to, and then open your website preview email.
  2. Select check out my website. This is a unique link for this specific revision session that will open the annotation tool.
  3. (Optional) To switch between Browse and Comment mode, select the toggle at the bottom of the page. Make sure you're in Comment mode before continuing to the next step.
    • Browse: View your preview as if it were live and navigate to other pages.
    • Comment: Leave comments on your current page.
  4. Select a section of your page that you want to add a comment to.
  5. Type your comment, and then select Create Task.
  6. (Optional) To attach a file, image, or video to your comment, select paper clip, select the asset you want to upload from your local computer, and then select Open.
  7. When you’ve finished adding all your comments, select I’m Done at the bottom of the page.

The annotation tool will close. Our Website Design Specialists will make the changes, and then email you when your website preview has been updated. You’ll be able to review this preview and add further comments if needed. If you like your website preview and do not need to add further comments, reply to our email and we’ll get your site ready for launch.

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