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Customize upsell recommendations with Cart Add-ons

If you're looking to increase revenue by upselling related products, then you need Cart Add-ons. The Cart Add-ons extension allows you to showcase cross-sell and upsell recommendations based on the items a customer adds to their WooCommerce cart.

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How are upsell recommendations made?

The order in which upsell and cross-sell recommendations are made by Cart Add-ons is based on priority. Cart Add-ons will search for recommendations as defined by the plugin settings in this priority (from highest to lowest):

  1. product-level matches
  2. category-level matches
  3. default store recommendations

If a match is not found at the product-level (highest priority), then a category-level recommendation will be displayed. If a category-level match is not found, then the recommendation will be based on the default store recommendations (lowest priority).

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What recommendations are made when more than one product is in the cart?

Recommendations are still made based on the priority level of the matches. If two products are in the cart -- one with a product-level match and one with a category-level match -- then the product-level matches will be shown first.

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Can I display more than two recommendations?

WooCommerce offers a filter that can adjust the default number of columns for add-ons with a snippet.

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