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FileZilla Errors: "The server's certificate is unknown" & ECONNREFUSED

You might receive the following error when trying to connect to your cPanel shared hosting account with FileZilla (image):

The server's certificate is unknown. Please carefully examine the certificate to make sure the server can be trusted.

Proceeding past this error will then generate this error (image):

Error: The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server


To resolve this error, you must either connect via sFTP or disable TLS in FileZilla's Site Manager.

Connecting via sFTP

This solution applies only to Linux-based hosting accounts (more info).

This solution only works if you're connecting with the primary FTP user.

  1. Enable SSH on your account (cPanel).
  2. In FileZilla, use the following information to connect:
    FieldWhat to enter...
    Hostsftp://your hosting account's IP address (cPanel)
    Username & PasswordYour hosting account's username and password
filezilla tls settings

Disabling TLS in the Site Manager

This solution works for any FTP user.

  1. In FileZilla, from the File menu, select Site Manager.
  2. Click New Site.
  3. Complete the following fields, and then click Connect:
    FieldWhat to do...
    HostEnter your hosting account's IP address (cPanel).
    ProtocolSelect FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
    EncryptionSelect Use plain FTP.
    Logon TypeSelect Normal.
    User & PasswordEnter your hosting account's username and password.
filezilla tls settings

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