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What is it?

Like a house, your website has a door (entry point) and windows (contact form, payment portal, etc.). A firewall is the door, lock, and alarm system.

Why do I need it?

Malware does not discriminate. With more than 30,000 new sites hacked daily, you want to make sure you are being proactive about protecting your website. With a firewall in place, you have a chance to protect your site from the bad actors that are out there.

What do I need to do?

It depends on the type of website you have. Select your product and see what resources are available for it.

Websites + Marketing

You are already protected! We manage and monitor the firewall for your Websites + Marketing site.

All other websites

Subscribe to a firewall service. For firewalls sold by other companies, follow their instructions for activation and configuration. GoDaddy Website Security includes a firewall and we make it easy to set up.

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