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Make a call to the GoValue API

GoValue, GoDaddy's domain valuation and appraisal model, helps individuals and businesses make better investment decisions by estimating the market value of a domain. It uses machine learning trained on regularly updated data and is calculated using over 65 million unique data points. An API, or application programming interface, let different applications talk to each other. The GoValue API lets you perform over 5,000 domain valuations per day with our Enterprise plan. GoValue takes the guesswork out of knowing a domain's market value, and the GoValue API can optimize your workflow when performing domain valuations in bulk.

Note: This article will guide you through using the GoValue API. You can access the API developer documentation here.
  1. Go to your GoDaddy API Key Management page. You may be prompted to sign in.
  2. Select Create New API Key.
  3. (Optional) Assign a name to your key. This can help you more easily identify what application your key is associated with.
  4. Choose the environment for your key.
    • ote: Operational Test and Evaluation Environment used to test your key and application in closed environment.
    • Production: The live environment where your key will be actively used.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Copy your API key and Secret and then select Got it! when you're done.
  7. Make the API call in your preferred API platform, such as Postman, using these details:
    • URL:
    • Header: Authorization: sso-key [YOUR_API_KEY]:[YOUR_SECRET]
    • Parameter: domainName=[domain name]

    You must replace [YOUR_API_KEY] with your API Key, [YOUR_SECRET] with your actual Secret and [domain name] with the domain you want to check.

    Example: curl -H "Authorization: sso-key [API KEY]:[SECRET]"

  8. Review the info provided in the API response.
    • status: A status of OK means the call was successful
    • domainName: The requested domain
    • goValue: The estimated value of the domain
    • listPrice: The suggested listing price when selling the domain
    • goValueWholesale: The estimated wholesale value of the domain
    • minPrice and maxPrice: The minimum and maximum possible values of the domain
    • salesProbability: Probability of the domain being sold at the goValue price
    • salesProbability500: Probability of the domain being sold at US$500
    • salesProbabilityWholesale: Probability of the domain being sold at goValueWholesale price
    • maxDailyUsage and dailyUsage: Details on your usage of the API

With the information provided by the GoValue API, you can make more informed decisions when determining the value of your domains.

Note: GoDaddy estimates the value of each domain by looking at millions of historical domain sales. The estimated value may or may not rely upon a particular domain’s sales data, as the domain may not have previously sold. The domain may sell at a price below or above this estimated value. GoDaddy does not make any guarantee or other promises to any results that may be obtained from the purchase or sale of any domain, and this is not intended as a solicitation or offer to buy any domain. Review our terms and conditions for more details.

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