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Track website traffic with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks data associated with your website traffic and can help you make sense of that information. Knowledge is power - these insights could inform your product catalog, inventory replenishment, and how to spend your marketing dollars to attract even more attention.

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What types of information does Google Analytics track?

Google Analytics tracks what keywords your website is ranking for in search results, where visitors were before coming to your website, and how they navigate around the website. View these trends over time to help inform decisions on improving your online presence.

How do I activate Google Analytics for my website?

Sign up for a free account, and make note of your unique tracking ID. Add your tracking ID in your Websites + Marketing settings to connect your website with Google Analytics.

Can I install Google Analytics on any website?

Any Websites + Marketing plan can install Google Analytics.

Is Google Analytics automatically added to a website?

You’ll need to add the tracking ID in your Websites + Marketing settings.

How do I know if my site is connected to Google Analytics?

After adding your tracking ID in your Websites + Marketing settings, publish your site to activate the Google Analytics tracking code. Wait at least 24 hours and then sign in to your Google Analytics account. You’ll begin to see the statistics, graphs and charts of the data gathered by your website.

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