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Use Folders on the iOS GoDaddy Studio app

If you’re using the GoDaddy Studio iOS app, we recommend you always save your projects in GoDaddy Studio Folders. This way you’ll be able to recover them if your device gets lost or damaged, or if you delete and reinstall the GoDaddy Studio app.

To save your project to Folders:

  1. Once you’ve created your project, in the top-right corner, tap the Export a project Export icon.
  2. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, tap Add to Folder.
  3. You can create a new folder by tapping Create Personal Folder and giving the folder a name, or use an existing folder.
  4. Tap the folder you’d like to save to – a checkmark will appear to the right of it.
  5. Tap Done.

To open a project in Folders:

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Studio app.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap Projects.
  3. At the top of the screen, select the Folders tab.
  4. Select the folder where you saved your projects.

You should see all the projects you saved to Folders.

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