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Use page templates on my WordPress site

When you have a WordPress theme with the Site Editor active, you have the option to use premade page templates on your site. This means that you will be able to apply a premade layout to your posts and pages by following the steps below. Also, check out this video from learn.wordpress.org by Wes Theron to learn more about page templates in WordPress.

Required: For you to use page templates, you must have a block theme with the Site Editor active on your site. The page templates are not available for classic themes, or older block themes that use the Theme Customizer.

Preview the available templates

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. To choose which template you want to use, on the left-side menu, select Appearance and then Edit.
  3. Select Templates.
  4. From the list of templates, select each template to preview what it looks like. Also, be sure to read the description below the template name to check which type of page or post this template can be applied to.
  5. When you decide which template you want to use, on the top-left corner, select the WordPress logo to go back to the Dashboard.

Select a template for your posts and pages

  1. On the left-side menu, select Posts or Pages.
  2. Hover over the post or page you want to edit and then select Edit.
  3. On the right-side menu, next to Template, select the name of the currently active template. Just in case, note which template was active.
  4. Select the template name of the current template again and then select the name of the template you want to use. It's the one you choose in the previous section.
    Note: This change will not change the way the page or post is displayed in the dashboard or in the preview.
  5. Select Update to apply the template.
  6. (Optional) Visit the post or page in a browser to see what it looks like with the new template.

Changing back to your previous template

If you don't like the new template, use the steps described above to switch the template back to the one that was previously active.

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