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Windows Hosting migration FAQ

Your Windows Hosting product runs in a virtual machine serviced by Windows Server Hyper-V. This is designed to provide you access to Microsoft technologies, the Plesk control panel, and leverage the efficiencies and security of our hosting environments. Throughout August and September of 2023, we will be migrating these virtual machines to newer, upgraded hardware.

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Why is my hosting account being migrated?

Microsoft regularly releases new Windows Server versions that come with advanced security, optimized performance, improved resource management, updated software, and better integration with new technologies. We're always looking for ways to improve our platform and technology. To provide these benefits, we need to migrate your hosting account to a new server.

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Do I need to take any action for the migration?

Yes! We take every effort to minimize changes that require actions on your part. On this occasion, we will be required to update your IP address. If we manage your nameservers, we will update this for you. If not, you will receive your new IP address on the day we perform your migration. This will not be available in advance.

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When is the migration happening?

Migrations will be occurring throughout August and September 2023. Email notifications will be sent out before your migration and as soon as it has been completed.

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Can I reschedule my migration?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to reschedule individual migrations.

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Will the cost of my plan increase because of this migration?

No. Your cost will not increase because of this migration.

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