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About GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+

Brand Safety Alliance is the sponsor and GoDaddy Registry is the backend provider for the GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+ products.

Blocking is a proven method to protect IP in a cost effective and efficient manner; taking a verified right and preventing the registration of a domain. The GlobalBlock product instantly blocks all available names matching a particluar brand in hundreds of domain extensions simultaneously. GlobalBlock is limited to "exact match" of the brand to avoid blocking domains that may impact availability for future registrants.

With your brand protected by GlobalBlock you;

  • Prevent anyone registering the name across hundreds of TLDs
  • Blocks both Standard and Premium name matches
  • The block name is "owned" by you, the brand owner
  • Privacy is maintained, with no public record of ownership
  • It is available only to verified rights owners
  • Includes priority AutoCatch of deleting matches

GlobalBlock is designed to block registrations across over 600 ccTLDs and gTLDs, GlobalBlock will block all corresponding available domains irrespective of the price point and will automatically block any additional dropped names while the block service is in place.

Corresponding domains that are currently registered cannot be blocked until the name is deleted or expires. Once the redemption period has ended and the domain name becomes available, the domain name will be automatically added to the block for the remainder of the service period.

Who can register GlobalBlock or GlobalBlock+?

Currently GlobalBlock products are only available to verified rights holders. Get in touch with our Business Care Team to discuss your needs.

Benefits of the GlobalBlock Products


GlobalBlock restricts the registration of verified exact match names by unauthorized third parties across hundreds of TLDs

  • Blocks the label across hundreds of TLDs
  • Priority AutoCatch blocks previously registered domains when they become available
  • Includes Premium domain name blocking
  • Includes your single selected domain label
  • Available for 1, 2, 3 years


GlobalBlock+: Provides the maximum level of defensive protection ifor your brand. This enhanced blocking product restricts registration of exact match trademark names across hundreds of TLDs and extends the blocks across an unlimited number of possible look-alike variations (homoglyphs) and common typographical errors. The addition of this enhanced protection prevents third parties from registering any confusingly similar versions of your marks.

  • All benefits of GlobalBlock above
  • Unlimited labels covered - provides an unlimited coverage of the above variants, future proofed if further IDN scripts are enabled
  • Unicode variant blocking homoglyphs & IDNs - blocking of potential script and lookalike (homoglyphs) strings

What TLDs are covered in GlobalBlock?

Brand Safety Alliance are continually adding additional TLDs to the GlobalBlock product, you can find a current list of TLDs here {LINK}. Where new TLDs are added, your cover increases. If pricing is affected by the addition of TLDs, fees are only increased at renewal.

Can I convert my current Globalblock Products to a standard domain registration?

Once in place, GoDaddy does not currently support individual domains covered by the GlobalBlock service being unblocked. A deletion must be made before re-registering domains as standard registrations.

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