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About my GoDaddy Studio account

With a new, free GoDaddy Studio account, you can create, save and edit your GoDaddy Studio content using any mobile or desktop device. Your projects are automatically backed up and you have unlimited storage space.

What does a GoDaddy Studio account give me?

  • Automatic backups: All your projects are automatically saved to the cloud. If anything happens to your device, or if you delete and reinstall the app, your projects are safely backed up.

    Note: GoDaddy Studio gives you unlimited storage so you won't run out of space.

  • The ability to create and update across your devices: Access and edit your GoDaddy Studio projects on your phone or tablet through the iOS or Android app, or through any browser on your desktop. Once you’ve signed in, all your projects are available wherever you are.
  • The ability to manage all your GoDaddy products with one account: Your GoDaddy Studio account is also your GoDaddy account. As such, you can manage all your GoDaddy products through this one account.

How much does GoDaddy Studio cost?

GoDaddy Studio has a free version and a paid PRO version. The free version gives you access to certain templates, graphics and fonts to use in your designs. Some design tools, such as background removal, are not available on the free version.

To get full access to our library of graphics, fonts and more, as well as unlimited access to all our design tools, upgrade to GoDaddy Studio PRO at any time.

I’m concerned about my privacy

For some of our services, we may need to process personal information about you, your customers or web users. Sometimes we also need to share your personal information with our trusted third-party partners.

We only use this information where necessary, and we do so in compliance with all the applicable data privacy laws.

For details on how and why we might use your personal information, please check our Privacy Policy.

Be sure to keep your sign-in details private so that unauthorized people don’t get access to your account. Also, change your password at least once every 6 months.

If you’ve signed in with Facebook, you can hide your email on Facebook or use your phone number instead.

iOS users can use Sign In With Apple and select Hide my email.

Will I be spammed if I create an account?

Sometimes we need to send you critical notifications and updates about your account and products. These messages can’t be disabled.

For all other communication, you’re in full control. Once you’ve created your account, follow the steps for updating your personal information and communication preferences.

I’m not sure if I already have a GoDaddy Studio account

To check if you’ve already got a GoDaddy Studio account, search for “godaddy” or “overhq” in your email inbox (GoDaddy Studio used to be called Over). If you find a welcome email from GoDaddy or the Over team, try signing in with that email address. 

If you're struggling to sign in, follow the troubleshooting steps for retrieving your username or resetting your password.

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