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Add an image for a product in WooCommerce

From within the WordPress dashboard, you can add a featured image to an existing or new product on your WooCommerce store.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. On the left-side menu, select Products.
  3. From the list of products, find the product you want to update with an image and select its title.
  4. In the Product image section on the right, select Set product image.
  5. In the Upload Files tab, select Select Files.

    Note: If you previously uploaded the image to your Media Library, then you can skip to Step 7.

  6. Find the image on your local computer, select it, and then select Open.
  7. On the Media Library tab, confirm the correct image is selected and, at the bottom right, select Set product image.
  8. Select Update or Publish.

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